B&C Exchange is hiring another C++ developer

i know it is a long shot, but perhaps he can give B&C few hours a day :wink:

This developer position is no longer open because it has been filled by glv! Details are available here.


Nice to hear that!

Awesome! Didn’t glv work on the team that originally built Nu? FuzzyBear was another I think.

Fantastic news!

glv hasn’t worked on Nu, though I invited him to do so over a year ago. He has long been someone I wanted on the team, but the timing wasn’t right before. He has worked on Peercoin and Peerunity successfully. It is a big win for us. He is the perfect candidate.


That’s awesome news! Welcome, @glv! It sounds like a great fit.

Welcome @glv!

I know that thread is old. But I will be glad to help you if you are interested to extend your development team. You can check here all opportunities