B&C Exchange 5.0.4


I released B&C Exchange version 5.0.4.

It’s available here:

It fixes a issue that happens when downloading multiple blocks (during initial download or while catching up after being out of the network for some time). The problem happens because the difficulty has been very low at some point and that triggers an old protection against low difficulty orphan blocks. I removed the this protection because an attacker still needs a valid and unique proof of stake to reach this point so there’s no risk of being flooded.

The symptom is this message in the log:

    ProcessBlock() : block with too little proof-of-stake

Code changes: https://bitbucket.org/JordanLeePeershares/bcexchange/branches/compare/v5.0.4..v5.0.3#diff


f3e750186176507422250d0ee28554bf4b15537aede834e278e5158347c91b92  bcexchange-5.0.4-linux-gitian.zip
16b4fb06c3758c683fcf43196b732dcd7c4a57baa32db724782b2b0079c968bc  bcexchange-5.0.4-win-gitian.zip

de7641617ab388788e9b60ad6dae49bad4eb4f4fe77e195c81ca3148007cfd69  bin/32/bcexchange
ecd0ace9efb8e0747c11f0a37182b7115514e41dc9655aef2e3ffaeeb6a13ff3  bin/32/bcexchanged
be69d979714b4921491b7a4b4efb25652fad56469dc146bcbe67bdd5d7d6f2a2  bin/64/bcexchange
76926e478d8ad49ff4db3226364e1c11ed3449cf81cc6c06a35e9f9d83006fd7  bin/64/bcexchanged
8f24479a4e512138fb7861492536e5c5683ffa5de3b04d2102d3399ecb2e89ce  32/BCExchange-5.0.4-win-setup.exe
3ad7a74545223e3f95fddeba6f2ebcf157d56cb2a2b6932c86d9618c5dab86f1  32/bcexchange.exe
1ee2b51a2d6ad550aeef766a013ef217e191fdebe06af640fc271dc63584328e  32/bcexchanged.exe
962c1ed39bc7f8ac50cbd4392cb6563f72031bfdcd42753ae1534432fde97b89  64/BCExchange-5.0.4-win-setup.exe
54fe6d39ab0b16d90a8dea473d2bfc5df67443ec6f0828dededa85f08c8442da  64/bcexchange.exe
bd689164efb76a9634835f31d0fc61513ff4985f42bbdd081c47eb62d3fdf566  64/bcexchanged.exe

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I noticed the issue 2 days ago and you fixed the issue.
Thank you.


Still having a hard time to sync. Appears to stop syncing again and again around the 40-60 days mark, never the same. Will keep on trying…


up to date to 977282 th block here .


Managed to sync up, but only with 1 connection, running into a fork again once I start minting I’m afraid.


right. i am having only 1 node too.


My full node was down for some time because of a hardware failure I didn’t see. I had to restart it from scratch and it’s still downloading the chain. I think it’s the only remaining seed full node so new clients certainly had troubles reaching other nodes.


I have 3 nodes connected now, but I believe we can use a few more nodes minting. Or am I still on a fork?

Height 982518
Difficulty 0.00008674


My full node has 12 connections now.

It’s still catching up, but another node it at height 985154, block c3f3466e506d353ac9641afe988489a747addbd80f326c656b579d58536d7ebc


I have a full node fully synced running 5.0.4. It’s supporting a copy of the original B&C block explorer until the newer version is ready https://bc-xplor.mj2p.co.uk/
The newer version validates the blocks and transactions as it goes which takes longer but gives more confidence in the figures it displays, especially address balances.
Once it’s fully synced I’ll share links to it and it’s Nu counterpart. They will form the basis for other services such as web wallets and burn/park APIs. More of that to follow

BKS Sale

Ok thanks, can confirm that in debug, so not a fork apparently.


Am I on the correct chain?


getblockhash 1119721




What s the update on that?
I am receiving more interest in B&C than NuBits in Japan.


If the NSR price stabilizes at or above current levels ($12 per voting NSR), I intend to support and facilitate the hire of one full time developer for B&C Exchange, at least. For the last year, we have needed to get the NSR price up to continue development on B&C Exchange. That is happening now, so as long as that persists we should begin to work actively on B&C Exchange again. I will have more details about how I propose to move forward soon. I would also like to see the NSR price either get higher or more stable before we commit to relatively long term expenses. Right now, it looks like the B&C Exchange fund is worth around $250,000. That is an amount we can do something with.



getblockhash 1119721




getblockhash 1127025





getblockhash 1127025



we are on the same chain.


can someone update ? https://bcblockexplorer.com/ ?
what is the working explorer once again?


Great. But where is the fund stored?


There’s a working explorer at https://bc.crypto-daio.co.uk/
it uses the same code as https://nu.crypto-daio.co.uk so as features are added there they will also be applied to bc.crypto-daio.
There’s some issues around the address details page. they are on my roadmap to fix soon. for now, some patience is required in order to see the balance and transactions