BKS Sale

@JetJet13 http://bcblockexplorer.com appears stuck.

Tried that 2 months ago or so. Had a response, but it never came to a working explorer. I believe some work is required.

There’s work going on with an improved explorer for Nu and by compatible benefit B&C Exchange, but aren’t we paying for an operational B&C explorer? @Phoenix

Anyone willing to purchase my BKS at $1.50? ^^ @jooize? @Phoenix?

Alright, using Sigmike’s release here I was finally able to solve all my client problems and the full chain has been downloaded.

I made a test transaction and it successfully went through. I have 887.314 BKS for sale. @tungsten said about a week ago that he needed to get his client working as well, so I’m still waiting for that or for somebody else to take these off my hands.


$0.15 for 5,000 * as the forum is a shambles so it can’t be worth much :slight_smile:

  • expires in 24h

I’m willing to sell mine for this much.

At this price I would rather just throw my wallet in the trash, as it’s not worth the effort to make the transaction.

What would you expect from an abandoned network where the NSR reserves have been removed from? I’m suprised myself that I did offer it in the first place. Will add that my offer is only valid for 24h :slight_smile:

I agree with your valuation. Just saying it sucks it has come to this. I’ve put all my money into Peercoin and PeerAssets projects like Indicium at this point. I just have this last bit of BKS to unload. I’ll wait to see if tungsten PMs me first.

:smiley: nice read!

Who wants to sell BKS? I am looking for 1,000 BKS or so. Please PM me.

I PM’ed you last night.

I am still offering BKS at $0.70. If anyone is interested, please get in touch.

wtf, I just sold mine for $0.25 because you stopped answering my PMs. :neutral_face:

I do not intend to buy BKS. I want to sell BKS.

Never mind, I confused you with Tungsten because you used the same price as him. Good luck.

I am willing to lower the price per BKS to $0.65.

I am willing to lower the price per BKS to $0.60.

I am willing to lower the price per BKS to $0.55.