Are there any webwallets for nubits?

Im looking for a way to send nubits without having local wallets, im storing them in a paper wallet, is there a webwallet that allows me to import a private key from my paper wallet? Or a webwallet that generates the private key on my end like does?

We have NuBippy for that I believe. I have never used it but I hear that people have used it successfully.
It is not a webwallet though, but might cover the functionality you are looking for.

I looked at that, its just a paper wallet theres no way to send money from it without using a local or web wallet.

Maybe the best is to wait for BCE to be released.

whats bce?

The abbreviation for β€œBlocks & Chains (decentralized) Exchange”.
It’s not official, but widely used - e.g. by me :wink:

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Oh thats looks neat but i couldnt get it to run on linux