Announcement: New NuBits logos/branding complete (2016)

I’m happy to announce that I’ve completed work on a brand update for our NuBits and NuShares logos.

Branding Guide:


White background, full text:

White background, currency abbreviations:

Black background, full text:

Black background, currency abbreviations:


White background:

Note: High-resolution .eps, .png and .jpg files will eventually be posted on These imgur links are just copy/pasted from those files to give shareholders a high-level look at the new brand properties.

Update Details:

The classic Nu “N” logo remains unchanged.

The NuBits font has been upgraded to a standard Google font, meaning that projects all over the world can now easily match our branding for their internal Nu pages. In contrast to the old (existing) logos, the new fonts abandon the awkward black/gray gradient on the “Nu” text in favor of a uniform black color. Try comparing the old logos side by side with these new ones, and you’ll really notice the difference.

The font itself is Ubuntu Regular and Ubuntu Bold. It has a distinctive, futuristic feel that is very clean. These are all branding attributes that Nu communicates quite well through its NuBits products. The font looks strong and clear with both the full names and the currency abbreviations in my opinion.

New colors have been introduced for Chinese NuBits, European NuBits, and SDR NuBits. The three colors are all distinctive from United States NuBits and NuShares. The colors are all rich and dark in color, communicating a seriousness that would be expected from an innovative, trustworthy financial product.

Next Steps:

We haven’t undertaken a brand update before, so I’m not sure of the best way to proceed. I’m inclined to say that if no motion is raised within two weeks requesting a new set of logos, that this brand set becomes our new branding identity. At that point, we will need to discuss as shareholders whether to begin updating “NuBits” to “United States NuBits” on sites like, or if it should be delayed until other NBT products are ready to launch.

As I’ve stated before, I prefer beginning the switch as early as possible. Either way, if this set of logos are accepted by shareholders, our social media and website should be updated with the new branding.

All feedback is welcomed.


I do not see what it corresponds to…

I agree, X-NBT feels better than SDR-NBT

Not 101% obvious – ??

Perhaps I should have been more clear. Our very first Nu logos had a black to gray gradient, and it was fixed a few months later. I still see them used on external sites from time to time however. These new logos should eliminate the first-generation NuBits logo from widespread usage.

Look good. Thank you.
The Chinese like red color, which is taken by nushares. I think as pointed out here CH is usually taken for Switzerland.

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Good catch. I have requested the designer to make the updates to CN-NBT today.

The colors are very nice, ‘popping’.

Nice job!

How are we going about updating our website with the new logos and information?

I still have access, and can update the properties throughout the website once we see if there are any objections to the new branding. While I’m no longer compensated by shareholders, I still have an interest in updating our branding as a shareholder.

Is there a reason why the NuBot logo is excluded from the branding?

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Any NuBot brand is outside the scope of what we’ve worked on before. I think @Coingame or @Desrever made that one.

Would love to have a professionally designed logo :slight_smile: However right now we have to bare with mine I guess


It’s just my personal taste, but I think green (to resemble centenary USD notes) suits US-NBT better.

It’s just symbolism:

US-NBT: green (USD notes)
EU-NBT: blue (EU’s flag)
CN-NBT: red (China’s flag)
X-NBT: dunno… maybe black (for neutrality???)…
NSR: dunno… maybe orange

In the future (I hope):

AU-NBT: yellow (for gold)
AG-NBT: grey (for silver)

P.s. Nubit’s yellow reminds me of Gold (AU-NBT?) so much… :smile:


The currency abbreviation versions have been updated to the correct CN-NBT. Thank you to everyone who pointed that out.


I think keeping US NuBits the current golden color is sane, while perhaps a US dollar-y green would have made more sense from the beginning. Black is used for Nu/NuNet.

I don’t see how or why we’d have a peg to gold or silver, but that’s another discussion (that I know nothing about). I understand the desire for matching colors in that case though.

No problem.

As I said, It’s just a personal taste…

In the end, what matters the most is the wide use of Nubits and other Nu pegged cryptocurrencies…

Nu system must become a central point for those searching for stable “cryptovalue”.


It seems this never ever happened. I don’t need them but it would be better if they were available.

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I dug into my archives, but I think you are right. @tomjoad, @coingame, just in case you happen to read this. Would be good to have for future usage at least.

Can we reach the designer of these logos? Which designers do we know?

We’ll need high-resolution versions of our logos. Refinement of the design would be interesting to see, but nothing radical I imagine.

There’s a related thread looking for the B&C Exchange logo designer.

Pondered whether to bump the thread, and I regret my decision. :slight_smile:

Didn’t they come from the same designer as the latest Peercoin logo and the Indicium logo? @sentinelrv might know.
At least they are worth considering.