Announcement: New NuBits logos/branding complete (2016)


The designer of the logo for Nu and B&C is not the designer I work with on Peercoin graphics. Also Tomjoad is unreachable as he gave up on the project. You would need to take the low-res versions and have them recreated by another designer.


That’s unfortunate. Can you share who that designer is?

Is 99designs the place to find them otherwise?


All packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee and full copyright ownership of the final design. All packages include the prize for your designer and all fees and commissions.


Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I’m saying that only Tomjoad knew who he or she was and Tomjoad is no longer here to give you an answer. All I know is my own designer that I work with on Peercoin.

If all you need is high-res graphics, then there’s no reason to go through a 99designs contest as that is for new logos. Just find a good designer, show him the low-res versions and he can remake them for you from scratch in high-res.


Not sure, but does your answer implies that your are not prepared to recommend ‘your designer’ publicly or in this forum?


I can send you his email in private if you wish. He is currently working on a project for me though, so might be a little busy until finished. Just let me know.