[ANN] The Creation Of NuLagoon Tube - Bonus Available Now

It’s a little weird that it lists nbt amount under ask and btc under bid when the price is given as btc/nbt. If the price is 410, then the ask by definition must be btc. If nbt were ask the price would be 1/410.

I’ve added NuLagoon.com to the exchange page of NuBits.com at @henry’s request.

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We are happy to let you know that we just finished some performance tuning and bug fixing work for http://nulagoon.com . Now we expect users will find the site much faster in data loading than before. Enjoy it.
Any feedbacks and suggestions are very welcome.


Maybe you should suggest adding NuLagoon Tube to this list here:


Thank you for the great advise. We will contact them and see what we can do.

We are exsited to announce that we added a new register feature to NuLagoon Tube. Just simply fill a registration form with your NBT and BTC addresses, submit it and wait for us to finish the left job. Please check


Absolutly No Cost and No Pain. Enjoy it!

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Nice, but why is the register form hosted on an external resource?

Easier to implement and better in security.

I understand that it’s easier to implement it, but with regard to security my assessment differs.

You mean that someone could intercept or even change the pairs?
is HTTPS used?

Https is used.
But you need to trust an external party and that the form provider (https://nulagoon.typeform.com/to/AYszkN) works soundly.

We are very glad to tell the Nu community that NuLagoon Tube has been listed in the Coinmarketcap.com Nubits/Bitcoin market. Thank you @Financisto for the great advise.


The TubeOut transaction will be sent after the TubeIn transaction is confirmed (10 confirmations for NBT, 2 confirmations for BTC).

always have a delay to see the tx at site

@henry after 25+ NBT Confirmations to send BTC

Thank you for reporting. We will investigate it. What you mentioned is the time for BTC tx was sent or for it was confirmed?

Tubein have a ProcSt comfirm that mean tube address received the nbt , but still have wait some comfirm to send BTC , i don’t know why.

We have done some tunning on your TX fetch module and now are expecting the Tube responds to TX more quickly. Please let us know if there is still any issue. Thank you.

it faster for now,
BTW, can you set the BTC fee to 0.0001? 0.00004 is less for the BTC netwrok now

We just added the BID/ASK quote info in Btc as well as in dollars. Users now can easily compare the price between Poloniex and us.
Please be aware that the BTC price is continuesly floating according to 5 major BTC price data feeds, and will be fixed at the time users’ send-in transaction firstly be seen in the blockchanin of Nubits or Bitcoin. However, the price displayed in our website do can give a general impression of the quality of liquidity we offer in NuLagoon Tube.

Enjoy it.


It might be something to think about to make a page or a section or something specifically with information for FLOT, including both nbt and btc units for both buy and sell liquidity. Maybe some other stuff too, like an automated readout of the liquidity being reported by NuLagoon’s NuBot on different exchanges or something.

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@henry can you register this pair address ?

NBT: BTH7LKMtzaZEzvfX14caaijKhdJ3NoP48M

Failed to register for send coin

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