Accusations of Fraud, BTER releasing funds early on an ICO

Are there any updates on this, you guys know anything about it?

I’ve never heard of this. What are you referring to?

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We’ve been following this situation closely the past day. It’s still very much a “he-said, she-said” situation so we’re not entirely clear what has occurred. If anyone is aware of a statement from BTER, we would appreciate it if you could link it into this thread.

One point that needs to be stated is that the Nu team has never engaged in any sort of unethical dealings behind the scenes with BTER. The only thing that BTER received from our team was a 100 NBT payment from @KTm to give them funds to test with (and keep for their own use, after testing).

Seeing this failure of an ICO reinforces the fact that Jordan has handled NSR distribution the right way. No impossibly-large promises about what the software will deliver, no speculation on the future price of NSR, no shady payments to outside parties to influence the price, and no theft of funds. In the wake of continued scams and absurd investment “opportunities”, I feel fortunate to be part of a community that has had no scandals in almost a year of development.