OK this is a call for accounting.
FLOT what do we have in terms of NBT, BTC, and NSR?

OK found a good summary:

And the buyback calc:

25.74036791 BTC

283,177.0276 US-NBT

19,425,003 NSR

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You start to late.
This information is btw. available in the “FLOT (BTC, NBT, NSR)” threads afair.
You need to start with an accounting from the beginning of Nu, if you want to get the cash flow sorted out.

Never to late as long as we’re not throwing in the towel and we plan on doing something.
And I found a good summary…

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OK…so questions
And what’s the status of the gateways? How much NBT is out on the market?

my sell side gateway at bter have 2,000 nbt

From the buybacks…this is the most disheartening thing I have read in a while…
Total NBT in circulation is 685497.813500 NBT.

That’s a lot of $$$

I think @Cybnate’s and @zoro’s are empty a nd in stand-by mode. @masterOfDisaster’s is empty and offline. @huafei’s might be the onlyone has still has fund in it.
There are about 662k nbt out there.

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Mines are not empty. About 11,667 NBT on both Bittrex and Poloniex as reported here: [Decommissioned] PyBot passive gateway on Poloniex and on Bittrex
I leave FLOT to decide whether to withdraw these funds.

Mine is empty both sides and in stand by.

@masterOfDisaster’s dual side bot has

   "B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt" : {
        "buy" : 9211.0609,
        "sell" : 13323.1486

which belongs to Nu.

NuLagoon has

“B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa” : {
“buy” : 200.6598,
“sell” : 90916.5089

which belongs to LPs, is that right @henry ?