3D Printing Webstore Accepts NBT NuBits!

Hey, I am working at ISG 3D on a 3D printing startup, we have recently started accepting Bitcoin payments, you can read an article on CoinTelegraph here.

We will now be accepting NBT NuBits!

3D printing webstore www.ISG3D.com will be integrating NBT NuBits payments through Shapeshift.io!

The team is currently moving the site to Shopify, we will be able to buy a 3D printer with NuBits very soon!

Stay in touch!

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Ho do you guys plan to integrate shopify with shapeshift?


By moving the webstore over to Shopify we can accept Bitpay. And then with Bitpay, we can integrate Shapeshift if I’m not mistaken.

We have received good support from the team at ShapeShift I’m pretty sure we’ll figure it out!

I have never heard of NuBits before, its looking very promising with the recent price action!

You mean NuShares :wink: ?

Do I understand that correctly? You’ll use bitpay to accept bitcoin, then you will use shapeshift to trade NBT into BTC?
That’s two trade services more then necessary.

You can accept NBT directly and have USD value in your pocket.

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No, by using BitPay we are allowed to use the ShapeShift Button.

ShapeShift is now allowing customers to pay in NuBits!

Not very complex. it’s just a button and you can chose to pay in Nubits!

We are aware of Shifty , but I personally do not understand how it can be integrated with BitPay.

maybe @ShapeShift_io can help :wink:

I understood the reference to the recent price action to be remarkable for NBT, because it was able to keep the peg perfectly while all other (non-pegged) currencies were fluctuating wildly :wink:

I’ve not fully understood whether payment at ISG3D with NBT is solely possible through shapeshift.io or there’s a way to directly pay with NBT.
I read it as NBT payment is possible through shapeshift.io by converting them to BTC to have them sent to Bitpay.

Wouldn’t it make sense to do it exactly the other way round?
I mean, as NBT are stable (in difference to BTC, etc.), it would make sense to accept NBT payment directly and offer those customers who want to pay with BTC and other currencies to make use of shapeshift.io.
That would make transactions cheaper as it would allow to bypass Bitpay and their fees :wink:

exactly, NBT came to eliminate the need of bitpay and the likes :slight_smile:

90% of bitpay merchants “converts into USD” immediately. If only we could access those 90% … (or offer them a “convert to NBT immediately” option)


What shifty allows ISG3D to do is just integrate our exchange button so that they are able to accept all of the altcoins we offer, including Nubits. It actually makes it incredibly simple for the merchant to offer a wide array of crypto purchases to be made.

We do not integrate with BitPay, what ISG3D is saying is that by using BitPay to allow for them to accept Bitcoin, they are able to also integrate our Shifty button so that they are able to offer their consumers the ability to pay with any of the altcoins we support with a simple HTML button that the website owner includes their Bitcoin address with. It’s not being used through BitPay.

Thanks for the clarification. We are just very excited to accept new cryptocurrencies and we hope to launch the new 3D printer “ISG 11” in the next 2 weeks!

There was 2 new articles written about it today with mention of NuBits!


New currencies being supported as of right now include Dogecoin, Litecoin, Nubits, Blackcoin, Peercoin, Namecoin and others. But if you prefer, Bitcoin is still a payment option as well.

We made a test payment last night with altcoins and Shapeshift is fully integrated on the webstore!

You can now pay using NBT NuBits on www.ISG3D.com !

I am getting an error when selecting NuBits . Will contact @ShapeShift_io asap .

Works now. If I am correct, this is the first store accepting nubits .

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Thanks, sorry if you had issues with ShapeShift, we are still at a very early stage of cryptocurrency acceptation with merchants.

ShapeShift takes care of the payment, and we take care of the checkout. We will receive a payment on our BTC address when NuBits payment is done, and then you can contact us at ISG3DPrinting@gmail.com with shipping info, or we will get in touch quickly if you left your email address.

However, the best way is probably to download ShapeShift Lens Plug-In on Chrome or Firefox. It allows you to pay in NuBits directly to any Bitcoin address.