pleased to announce New Year release of Shifty Button, for easy altcoin payments

Now all business websites that accept Bitcoin payments or deposits can place the Shifty Button HTML code into any page to enable it to accept altcoins automatically. Check it out!


Your great service is becoming even better and better! :slight_smile:

Well that’s an interesting development.

Thanks for the kind message. Spread the word!

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I do!
Shapeshift is just the perfect match for NuBits!

As long as payment providers supporting BTC, LTC, etc. rule the market, it’s convenient for people to keep NBT, but pay with whatever is needed using a shifty conversion.
In this use case conversion of NBT to something else is required.

And once the dominance of paying with BTC, LTC, etc. has ended is still needed, because BTC, LTC, etc. will not end just because NBT is better suited for payment processing. will still be useful then!
In this use case conversion of something to NBT is required.

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@ShapeShift_io Arabic NuBits Account mentioned Shifty

Does this mean we have our first payment processor for online merchants?

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Effectively: yes - at least in my opinion!

As it is now is a donation button, as it let the “customer” enter the amount…

To be a valid solution for merchants you should make it more customizable

Please, all, let us know if you have questions about the service.

Yes please, would like to know if you plan to configure the widget more. Like in coinbase merchant tool for example.

And please, also check your inbox as i believe someone reported a severe bug this morning.

Sorry for delay in response:

In response to your question about the configuration, all you have to do is enter the amount in the html and it will populate. It’s off by default but if you just fill in the value it will work as a payment button for a specific item amount etc. Does this answer your question?

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Sort of, but now I have more and more questions.

So you say that to configure the button I should edit the embed HTML code. Which looks like

<script>function shapeshift_click(a,e){e.preventDefault();var link=a.href;,'1418115287605','width=700,height=500,toolbar=0,menubar=0,location=0,status=1,scrollbars=1,resizable=0,left=0,top=0');return false;}</script> <a href=";amount=enter-amount" onclick="shapeshift_click(this, event);"><img class="ss-button" src=""></a>

So the parameters I can edit are in the href, correct?

a href=";amount=enter-amount

Questions :

  • destination=enter-withdraw-address : What should be entered here? A BTC address?
  • amount=enter-amount : Is the amount always expressed in BTC

To be a payment button I miss some parameters, or will make tracking the transaction a nightmare for a merchant.

  • default coin (e.g. Nubits)
  • item id (SKU)
  • an email address for receipt when someone buys
  • possibly payment notification service callbacks API

Thanks in advance

Yes, the withdrawl address does need to be a Bitcoin address and the amount should be expressed in Bitcoin. It seems you get it! :smile:

There is no default coin for this. It would just allow a user to choose the one they would like to use for transfer to Bitcoin for payment.

We can supply a receipt if a person wants it. We are looking more into adding more advanced merchant settings but do not offer them at this time.

Thanks for the reply!

No problem!