1000 BKS for $2.40 each - now accepting NSR, NBT and BTC

I have 2000 BKS I would like to sell for 4.00 each. I am happy to use escrow. Minimum order is 150 BKS. I will accept BTC as payment. PM me.

The kettle is heating up!

Here we go.

Is this good or bad? (for NBT)

There has been no word from Jordan whether B&C can be completed without NuBits. I imagine the devs would accept BlockShares in order to finish building the exchange, but that hasn’t been verified yet.

@greenbar, if you sell out your BKS please tell us, @Dhume, if the market cannot withstand the existing BKS dumping @4$, there is no need for BKS auction at all.

Buy high, sell low
’Buy When There’s Blood In The Streets’

Now selling 1000 BKS for 3.50 each. Minimum is still 150 BKS. BTC accepted as payment.

If you don’t mind me asking what is the reason you’re selling?

What do you think? It’s possible it will never see the light of day now.

BCE only needs a dilution of around 120k to cover the NBT development funds. If BKS was to be valued at say $6.5 before the event, then now it should be a bit more than $5.8, with a dilution of about 20k BKS.

It still hits but it’s not like the fundamentals are more at question than before. Also there’s a chance Nu will bleed enough NSR to save the funds; BCE should be prioritized as it gives a better chance for Nu to be solvent.

If this is a feasible middle ground, BCE and Nu can even strike a deal that NSR holders will be given a little extra BKS after the development funds is returned, which could mean less dilution and less actual bleeding by Nu.

I mean Elon Musk moxied his way out of getting Tesla bankrupt; if the fundamentals are still believable there’s a way out. I know at least I’m willing to offer part-time development support in exchange for BKS (not that JL will take me).

That would be a very helpful proposal.

@greenbar, you may sell there although no orders now.


V5.0 is coming, and I guess JL will continue this project.

It’s just a suggestion of what should happen; BCE needs many such part-time workers to bridge that 120k (which is about 1/3 of funds raised btw), and it may not be as cost effective as full-time specialists.

BCE will need to raise additional funds with BKS in order to keep people like eleven and glv; the alternative is reaching out to people who are willing to work for BKS.

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The price has been lowered to $3.00.

i will got it ,how to pay

The price has been lowered to $2.70.

@wengone it’s your lucky day. Buy for $2.70 instead :slight_smile:

I am interested

Count me in for 150 BKS at $2,70 if there is something left. Will need escrow though. Just PM me.