1000 BKS for $2.40 each - now accepting NSR, NBT and BTC

Just trade on openledger.

2.7 is a bargain.

The sell price has been lowered to $2.40.

I will also accept NBT and NSR in addition to BTC. The conversion rate is subject to change without notice. Right now my conversion rates are:

NSR: 0.00045 USD
NBT: 0.15 USD
BTC: 603 USD

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Could “greenbar” be selling much more than the originally stated amount? Did you guys already buy?

Is the minimum order still 150 BKS ?

I did


So I guess “greenbar” is also “jordanlee” who intentionally abandoned B&C Exchange, and is now squeezing some money out of his last shares before they go to zero?

@Phoenix would you like to deny this?

Quite some amount of BKS was sold to a small group of so-called seed investors for about $2 each. The money was indeed put there and we see that @greenbar isn’t selling it below $2. If he isn’t Jordan he might be one of those.


Is that true? How may BKS was sold for $2 by the time?

You can all find these on bitcointalk:

Seed Investors $80,000 (Complete) $80,000 $80,000 ~42,500 20%


So a small group of people got 42500 shares for 80k.

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