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Welcome from and our newly upgraded platform - We offer you More for less!

To all NusShareholders: We are doing all our best to get the exchange back up and in the same time creating positive hype around the whole NuBits project and need your help in doing so. Due to the loss we experienced earlier this year and as a direct result an outstanding of Nubits still to be resolved we managed with help from investors to present a new platform with so much more to offer!

Whether you wish to join once more the NBT/BTC pair on CCEDK or not we feel you need to know that we are not forgetting our dues to the NuShareholders and Nubits community in general. What we are saying is that we hope for you to be part of CCEDK once more by being an active part of the traffic on the exchange either as a user or an active part in providing liquidity! Either way you are very welcome We will in the same time be working hard on returning the outstanding as quick as possible, and we will do this also if you decide not to support CCEDK, just so we are clear on that part.

Although I cannot tell in details we are soon within next few months to introduce a special feature and service perfect for future Nubits transactions or any other currency pegged to the dollar, where both the pairs NBT/EUR and NBT/BTC are important ingredients for success, but only way for big sucess is if both pairs are actively supported on exchange.

As at least one more pegged to the dollar crypto currency is introduced on CCEDK this month as well as next one, I felt you needed to have the possiblity to consider any possible actions to achieve some synergy with the varuous liquidity proposals in the works at the moment before they get their foot well established on exchnage.

We celebrate our newly launched upgrade of platform with lots of increased security features as well as special features for the benefit of the user, and we do this to begin with by offering a 0% trading fee on certain selected currency pairs which are




and FimK/BTC.

Buy or sell your Bitcoins with a 0% Trading Fee for a limited period of 3 months on the Danish Bitcoin Exchnage

Link: and

Trading history user and exchange: The old history of users and exchange will be fully listed next week, but has not been just yet, as lots of adjustments have been made in general after the upgrade, and we feel therefore confident enough to go out and say welcome once more.

We have still a very small fee of 0,001% added in order to have the transactions listed on coinmarketcap, but feel it is so small not worth mentioning, but as long as there is a fee it can still be listed there which is definitely helpful when showing the increasing volumes and activity in general.

Apart from this campaign for the next 3 months, we have created a kind of ladder for reduced trading fees to be update monthly, a perfect tool for any of the liquidity providing projects on Nubits as the cost on both pairs could end of being as low as 0.01% on both buy and sell side.

We are also able to offer a special Commission Free Trading plan and best one is the Platinum one offering Commission Free Trading for a year on all of the more than 80 crypto currency pairs on CCEDK at a one time amount of only USD or Nubits 99,00

You are very welcome, and looking forward to seeing you soon.

You are able to transfer EUR on the base of SEPA, and some of the EU countries like ES, IT, DE, AT, FR and in some cases even UK are able to transfer instantly with the OBT - Online Bank Transfer supported by Skrill Moneybooker.

Here are few articles created by cryptoarticles with CCEDK as the one requesting these to be written and therefore mentioned in all of them as the main exchange, so a bit sad to see CCEDK not mentioned as exchange of Nubits anymore, but I hope that it will be listed once more very soon:
纽比特币(NUBITS) - 世界上第一个稳定性数字货币 -
纽股币—数字货币的投机者 -

All the best from CCEDK

Ronny Boesing

CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS



Thank you for this announcement.

Since this outstanding amount is owed to a public entity, would you be willing to outline the exact amount still owed, and your planned schedule to repay it?

Thank you!


Dear @Chronos and all NuBits members and NuShare holders,

Thanks very much for your interest,

The exact amount still outstanding to the NuBits community is NBT 33989.08104193.

In the 2nd letter to KTM prior to the disclosure of first letter, KTM was told we would settle this amount weekly untill finally settled end of March, as one of our investors was willing to assist in settling asap as long as exchange was up and running. It was also stated in this letter that this quick a settlement was based on the matter to be solved in a smooth way with only a few Nubits members involved. Sad to say from my own perspective it did not happen, and I am left with having to find means to settle slowly and step by step instead.

As the disclosure made most of the users withdraw and made the activity basically put to a stop, there was no reason from our investor point of view to feel the need of settlement quick, it was instead decided to upgrade our platform implementing many more security features, as well as improving the overall features of the user. We are expecting to be fully up and running with all the features, additional crypto currencies added etc., by the end of June.

Once we are fully done with these tasks we are able to start the return of the outstanding, as we need a fully functional exchange in order to be able to generate income, and it is from this income we will then settle the outstanding. I would like for you all to know that we at CCEDK wish to have this amount settled asap, the circumstances however, allow us now only to do it based on the success we will have introducing new currencies, new features and programs and if you will allow it! - the return of Nubits as an active player on CCEDK once more.

My personal goal for having the above mentioned amount settled is on the day of celebrating Nubits 1 year anniversary on CCEDK exchange September 23rd, with weekly payments up untill this date from end of June, it is however, not only up to me but also up to the support of users generating income of various kind making use of the exchange.

Unlike what some of the Nubits members who has never been directly involved with CCEDK or joined later may think, it has always been a personal thing for me to add Nubits on exchange, and I have never wanted matters to escalate as it did, and I have never wanted to cause any harm to the Nubits community whatsoever.

I want to bring my apologies to all Nubits members for whatever harm our situation is and have caused you, also the ones who don’t believe in CCEDK, and hope that the future will show you CCEDK from a much more positive angle and in a light of proactive and progressive action for the benefit of NuBits and the NuShare holders.

The people in charge of CCEDK myself included is acting and running the exchange in many ways different from any of the other exchanges, and it is perhaps therefore the reason why things have turned out the way it did. We started CCEDK with pride,and we added Nubits with pride in the belief we could be part of making NuBits stand out making a difference. We do not calculate in hacks as a necessary evil for final success thinking an apology is enough for life to go on, as such matters is touching our integrity and we felt therefore personally hurt from these hacks and acted in order to settle it all in a quick way which we thought best for all parties. We have learned from this and will try to be much more open on any occasions should that ever happen again, no matter how difficult it may seem for us and me as the one in direct contact with you all.

I am once again sorry that things did not work out the way intended, as matters could have been so much different then. Looking at it from a different approach/angle/perspective, however, it seems NuBits due to all these incidents in February have managed to find solutions making it less vulnerable for outside influence, and I feel confident it will help NuBits grow much stronger much quicker and hope that I can still take part in this if the rest of the Nubits community will allow me and CCEDK to do so.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing


It is good to see this development and thanks @Chronos for asking the ‘difficult’ question triggering this reply and Ronny good on you to show where things are at and open up to the community, although it took a bit longer than I expected.

Although I have been named a softie for it, I still do belief in second chances and lessons learned which can be applied. In this case we even have a stake in it as a community. We can leave it alone and chances are slim that much of the amount due would return this year or ever. Or we can give it a second chance and collaborate again. The decentralized exchange is at least 6 months away and it won’t solve the fiat/crypto gateway issue which we will need for a while anyway. So we need some interim solution.

And yes, I did mostly bet on CCEDK with LiquidBits which not everyone liked. But I do think we need to have those EUR/NBT and USD/NBT pairs to provide a healthy and more cost effective peg going forward and CCEDK supported that early on. Besides that I am personally not keen to hold or exchange BTC if it is not needed when buying NBT.

I hope that the Shareholders, community members and others join me in that journey and continue to support fiat pairs on CCEDK and eventually I hope other exchanges when they come on offer. In addition to that it would be good to redevelop a healthy NSR/NBT and BTC/NBT market on CCEDK even if it is just for marketing purposes. I’m open for ideas and strategies in that space and fine to add the NBT/BTC pair to LiquidBits in a few weeks time when there is demand.


Your liquidbits motion wouldn’t have passed if it were not for the support of ccedk as well :wink:

And like I already said in the liquidbits motion thread: the 0% fee for the NBT/BTC and BTC/EUR offers a chance to hedge against BTC volatility:

If you are a softie, than I’m one as well.
I don’t want to live in a world without second chances.

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