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Any idea what’s going on with this website, it says were up like 300%
By the was don’t let my lack of communication discourage you, I will make that happen for you guys when i’m ready. in the mean time i’m just buying Nushare…

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Was this meant to be a PM? :laughing:


Looks to be related to a single trade on exco.in


yes it was. sorry

Guess that is a bit strange. I went and had a look also why suddenly nbt was 10 usd, and some studpid guy had put a buy order 10 times higher than normal. I froze him now, and will have a talk. It is clearly not possible to expect any change in price like this, when talking about a stable currency alwaysadollar. We might actually be able to pull a marketing stunt out of this if done correctly

Oh I was looking at NSR. I didn’t even notice the NBT jump. Good catch @ronny


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I forgot to keep the stabilizer script running and restarted it now. CCEDK and excoin showed a price of 10 USD per NBT but excoin actually delivers a correct price. CCEDK was reset by the script. Allcoin also showed a higher value at the time of writing this post, but I didn’t implement their API yet.

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Someone got scammed on the NBT/BTC pair on CCEDK exchange. They thought they were buying NBT for 0.004493201 BTC each, but there was no wall, so they paid 0.04493201 BTC instead, and they spent 1.89 BTC. This means they tried to buy $420 of NBT and received only $42 worth. Ouch!

Screenshot of the trade:

Because of this trade (there was more than one, but this was the largest), CMC thought NBT were worth $10 each. That skewed all NBT trading pairs, market caps, and volumes by 10 times, which is why the NBT volume showed as $1.5M instead of $150 000. That’s also why it showed NSR as being worth many times more than reality, because of NSR/NBT pairs with NBT valued at $10.


I am wondering how it is possible to get scammed like this…I mean if the buyer bought at 0.04493201 he or she had to click on that sell price which would only display at the bottom of the sell book order…not the top…

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