WTB NuShares & BlockShares. I pay with Nubits or Bitcoin

Greetings gentlemen,

I wanna buy some NuShares in order to (long-term) invest, vote and support Nu’s crypto ecosystem (I’ve just created that word - lol).

Min amount (I pay): 500 NBT for your NuShares

I accept the price shown @ coinmarketcap.com at the moment of negotiation.

Please send me your offers (pm me).

Edit: I forgot to mention that reliable escrow is accepted.

And I’m also buying BlockShares.


Note: I just want to register that I did one successful trade and @tomjoad served as escrow holding a relevant amount during the deal.

Thanks @tomjoad


Was escrow necessary? Couldn’t the following algorithm be applied to BTC and NBT ?


Yes, it was. Maybe in the future or inside Blocks & Chains Exchange.

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Update: now I’m buying BlockShares too!

Payment options: Bitcoin, Nubits (preferred) and NuShares.

Send me your offers!