Wrong unit in the QR code popup

In the receive tab of the nubits client, when clicking on the QR code generator, it opens a window that allow to define an amount of “shares” instead of “bits”.

Ah, good catch! You can be assured that it is still referring to NuBits though. NuBits addresses start with a B and NuShares addresses start with an S. We’ll fix the label.

Yes it’s just the label :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t be easier for the dev team to use an issue tracker (with tags, people assigned, each issue in is own thread, etc.)?

We have an internal issue tracker. This will be added to that.

It is for the developers, yes, but most issue trackers aren’t easy for the large majority of a community to enter items in. We have an internal issue tracker that we’ve been opening items in that are reported here, but it also may make sense to offer an option for people who want to view issues in their different states.

We’ll look into expanding the tools available to support something like this. Thank you for the suggestion.