Would community support 2-way ATM with NuBits?

So i first checked if the community is interested with such ATM [that would take cash and sell NBT and other way too] on reddit and everybody was like - hell yeah.

Here is a bit of background story.
Im in contact with http://bitcoinomat.pl the team that got 1st BTM in Poland, and lately opened the best located BTM in Warsaw - http://coinatmradar.com/bitcoin_atm/354/bitcoin-atm-lamassu-warsaw-bobby-burger/

Currently within 30 days they are opening 1 more machine [2 way ATM this time] and then 3rd.

I spoke to the guys and they are cool to put NBT on the 3rd machine yet it would need extra work and coding.
NBT is surely not popular in Poland but this would be a cool news [first BTM with NuBits] and maybe by some time it would actually get used by people.

We do not have to fool ourselves that it will be more of PR news than actual usage [LTC wasnt used on ATMs so they kicked it lately too].

So since i do understand community is interested now there needs to come some incentive for:

  • coding the module
  • taking risk of adding new exchange that may be more likely to go down [currently there is Bitstamp and BTC-E used]
  • etra server usage

So i would mostly like to reach to admins and other third party whales interested - what kind of fund raising can we do?
Of course machine can have NBT logo among BTC on it for the visibility or even say in articles that part of it was sponsored by NuBits community.


Hi, this would be great.
I’ve already coded a NuBit extension for the General Bytes BTC software stack and am in talks with Lamassu and a UK BTC operator to get NuBits on some machines here. By the sounds of it, you are further along the process, which is good news
I have a good understanding of the BTC software that is available and how it works so would be interested in lending a hand with any coding that needs doing (if that’s possible?)

You could form a proposal and ask for a custodial grant from the shareholders.

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I can only second the suggestion to think about a custodial grant.
And I think that such an ATM can be far beyond PR only.

One of the most important reason to hinder adoption of crypto currencies is access to them.

Can you imagine (or do you remember) how much work it is to get hold of some BTC, PPC or NBT if you not already have accounts at exchanges or sites like localcoins?

An ATM solves this particular problem.

It would be great to have a link or QR code to the official NuBits or Coinomi wallet displayed at the ATM when choosing NBT transactions.
This could be an important step to more adoption; an ATM where you can load NBT on your mobile wallet or vice versa. Must have that!
I think such a custodial grant would find support; at least it’s worth a try!

And regarding technical things you have the offer for support by @woolly_sammoth; thank you for that, @woolly_sammoth!

thanx for replies.
i gave it some time before showing up but heres what is in my mind.

i know ronny from CCEDK so my idea was to add this exchange into the core - thing is… you know what happend last 48h to nubits sites.

we are left with allcoin - but they are new and we dont know how secure this exchange is. CCEDK was my best bet for using the ATM.

please discuss