Withdrew BKS to a BKC address on CCEDK

I withdrew BKS to a BKC address on CCEDK

what will happen? I hope the transaction will fail.

Ive opened a ticket

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the BKC address is CY6kghw3d3vbA5yiVFCqCUyANJyQkDy57a

It was accepted by CCEDK? It should have give you an error!

I was able to cancel it and I’ve submitted a new withdrawal with correct address. There were no errors.

The new withdrawal is listed in the “on moderation” tab now just like the first one was.

I expect it will go through without problem now …although the receipt says it might take from 1 hour to 3 days and it hasnt hit my wallet yet after 10 mins.

All is well again, CCEDK were helpful and quick to respond.