[Withdrawn] Sponsor Global Blockchain Forum

NuBits has the opportunity to sponsor Global Blockchain Forum for only $1,000. Since we do not need tickets and other extras it was negotiated down from $7,000.

Date: April 2–3
Cost: $1,000


Hash: 5299ca4a8871fa443c0cb25fa4bbbde083121f20

NuBits will sponsor Global Blockchain Forum in April 2018 with $1,000 US worth from Liquidity Operations.


Global Blockchain Forum will take place on April 2nd & 3rd in the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

We are trying to get blockchain & crypto industry leaders, executives, investors and entrepreneurs together to discuss how to maximize returns and build the future with blockchain & crypto. Our VIP Speakers include John McAfee, Tim Draper, Michael Arrington. Majority of the guests are CEOs, investors, and innovators from the blockchain & crypto industry.

We expect close to 3000 attendees, including 1000 Silicon Valley investors, token holders & startups, 40 leading blockchain & cryptocurrency speakers, 30+ exhibitors. The agenda of this event talks by well known speakers, pitch competitions, an expo-zone for companies as well as capable networking sessions. These are all the unique conditions for extending your network in the heart of the crypto culture.

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What does the $1000 get us? I read it as our name will just be included in the program, but am interested to hear more.

Asking them to confirm all the items I first asked for are included in the package they agreed to.

– Company logo on website, social media channels & event materials
– Corporate signage and marketing exposure at conference
– Company ad in event marketing materials

Global Blockchain forum will place NuBits logo on the event signature, website and some of our printing materials as the main scene banner and press wall for 1000$.

I think it is great to get exposure during these large events.
However given a forum is a highly physical event, I would push for a poster corner or billboard with an advocate around, a stand would be even better of course but a lot more expensive. Corporate signage and Marketing exposure is very vague and only suitable for already established businesses. Just a logo amongst tens or even hundreds of others? That would be close to valueless imo.

I believe Nubits needs to be actively sold being not known by many, with clear value propositions, not just a logo here or there.

Did I misunderstood it perhaps?

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I’ve been thinking about how we should present NuBits in a concise display such as when only a logo is shown. Which logo do we use with which text? What would we place on a large poster, how much do those cost, and would we be able to reuse it? Do we know someone we can have represent us in California? I’m hesitant to invest the amount of time required for that now. I do want the result. I’d love to hear more of your ideas.

NuBits on a roll-up banner.

World’s Best Stable Digital Currencies
<Regional NuBits in smaller scale below>

Box of brochures to place near the roll-up banner.

Sponsorship kit to ship events would be useful. Do you think we should create those materials first? It’s on the map, but I didn’t feel I should prioritize it right now.

$1,000 doesn’t feel unreasonable for being a sponsor of such a large event that we can promote being part of. In general I wish for NuBits to have more things planned. We can have planned events featured on Coindar and similar websites.

I’m asking them about the possibilities for a roll-up banner with a box of brochures on a table. Those products will happen eventually I’m sure. Perhaps we could do a simpler execution with basic leaflets to begin with.

The only thing I have to let you know, I have just talked to organizers Zarina Mau and she told that corp. signage must be installed by an attendee. I am not sure I can help with that, I would like to though.

She said I will include logo on the website and printed materials for this price only.

Invoice says:

Logo on the website and printed marketing materials ($1000 preferred rate)

– Company logo on our website, social media channels
& event materials
– Company ad in event marketing materials

Asked them if we may place a banner or sign perhaps with a minimal table if we pay someone to attend.

I believe that would be the absolute minimum to provide value on such events.
Add a QR code (and in plain text) so people can jump to website with mobile and obtain more information. Support with some simple brochures with key messages and also QR-code to website etc.

Good one.

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Not getting more for $1,000. I don’t see the time to have additional content produced in time, but perhaps someone can?

Publishing for voting as motion 5299ca4a8871fa443c0cb25fa4bbbde083121f20.

Withdrawn as event is now in the past.

I expect the NuTeam to spend more than 1000$ in the Nu promotion.
That would make sense to spend more money in hiring marketing people or exchange listing.

The project is great, people needs to know that it exists.
Thank you for your comprehension

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