[Withdrawn] Proposal: A grant for Social Media Marketing

This is crypto_coiner, business developer and marketer (Tokyo).
You might know me as the manager/moderator of the following social media accounts, dedicated to the Nu/Peercoin ecosystem:
Largest NuBits Group on Facebook
Largest Peercoin Group on Facebook
NuShares unique page on Facebook
Peerbox unique page on Facebook
Peershares unique page on Facebook
Peerunity unique page on Facebook
Peerbox subreddit
@crypto_coiner (twitter) 2000+ followers
@peercoiner (twitter)
@nushareholder (twitter)

I also have been running/moderating for many months now, solely, the following accounts:
Primecoin official page on Facebook
Largest Primecoin Group on Facebook
Largest Litecoin Group on Facebook
Peercoin 2nd page on Facebook
Primecoin subreddit

Social Marketing, namely the use of social media to engage and serve customized information to potential users/customers in the goal to convert and acquire them, is key to the success of Nu.
I am glad to see my audience growing and interest generated everyday, and I have been dedicating around 33% of my professional time, free of charge, to that endeavor.

However, with a growing number of primary professional commitments, I will not be able to sustain the management of these accounts any longer (especially the first eleven), if not granted a grant, proposed as per the following:

Custodian: crypto_coiner
Submission Date: 20/12/2014
Requested Grant Amount: 1000 NBT
NuBits Grant Address: BSCprSv4CYdPmmUo7wJXCh5yQJV526w7cm
Vote Amount: 1000 NBT
Proposal Name: A grant for Social Media Marketing
Type: Social Marketing
Terms of the Grant:
To remain competitive in the crypto-currency space, we must reach out to our audience very efficiently.
A technology whose timing has come is un-stoppable but this has to be sufficiently requested consciously by a mass of users that has reached a tipping point of understanding & collective support and this is catalyzed essentially by social media.
This grant will allow me to continue my social marketing activities for Nu, 4h per day, 7 days per week, during 1 month.
That includes:

  • the systematic management of the eleven social media accounts, mentioned above
  • the systematic evangelism of Nu to the “masse”
  • the systematic broadcasting of updates and news about Nu
  • the education of the audience by the systematic answering to comments
  • the engagement of potential new customers and business partners, so that they are convinced to accept NBT. (specifically, to convert exchanges)

The intended outcome is 2-fold: new user acquisition and new business partner acquisition.
Status report: I must give a status report each Sunday of the previous 7 days of activity (growth and acquisition)

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Your rate of ~ 8,33 NBT per hour seems fair, but are 4 hours a day really necessary?
My experience is, that a lot of your channels post redundant content.
Can this be optimised by automation?

Hi. We’ve appreciated seeing your social media activity on Twitter and Facebook.

Asking 1000 NBT for one month of activity is high given that (as @willy mentions) most of the content is duplicated across all your channels and should be automated.

From what I’ve seen your content is often sourced directly from our official Twitter account and forum, so I think you need to provide some more concrete examples of how your efforts will be going above and beyond what we are already doing. Or, if you feel that you are dedicating time to creating new content and pursuing new business development, examples should be provided of what you have already accomplished so that shareholders can see the value you are bringing. It will increase the likelihood of being voted in successfully.

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yes, redundancy was temporary on purpose for I deemed the Nubits message was enough universal to be delivered to different audiences, un-altered.
As for automation, I presume you are talking about programmatic re-tweet, which I dont think is a good way to go since:

  • I intend to customize the contents per channel
  • It feels spammy

It is true that I have not been creating new contents per se, nor did I bring a deal on the table yet but:

  • for example, i have engaged platforms like huobi, okcoin, gocoin etc…
  • added value is not exclusive to the new content generation: there is much value in curation-- filtering is a time-consuming task.
  • reformulation in another language like Japanese is also valuable since it helps the JP audience get acquainted with Nu ( without which a workshop cannot be even thought of)

To tell the story short, I’d suggest to have a look a this snapshot:

This is the list of influencers on Twitter, as for “Nubits”.
I top the list, not withstanding that I manage the 3rd one too.

On Facebook, I have more followers in my group than NuBits page.

Abandoning my social activity could be detrimental for Nu.

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well done for your efforts. although i was thinking that every shareholder shall work for some hours every day to promote Nubits. it is for their interest since new holders will push nushares upwards. i wonder if a special marketing is needed…


I strongly support marketing efforts.
We need to spread the word out there.
As pointed by @Sentinelrv here [Undistributed NuShares] @crypto_coiner is a very important asset for Nu’s marketing.
Therefore I am strongly in favor of compensating members of the community that dedicate a great deal of their time to Nu.
7 days a week seem a bit too much, perhaps. You need to take a rest. :smile: Change from 7 to 5 days a week and I vote for your proposal.

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Each shareholder is specialized in a task but I do believe that most nushareholders are traders or economists.

you may be right here. a shareholder can just be an investor and nothing more. but in this case the majority of shares should be in the hands or responsible and devoted to NU guys because they have also the vote power. then the nu team should hold the majority of shares but this contradicts the decentralization nature of NU. i don’t know, i find it a bit complicated :slight_smile:

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@crypto_coiner As no-one votes for this proposal and it is almost 3 months old by now, can we assume this has been withdrawn. I would just leave it here with a tag [withdrawn].

This in the context of me clearing up the section ‘Custodial Grant Proposals’ so it becomes more clear for new users what can be voted on.

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