[Withdrawn] Parkingyournubits.rocks and ParkingLot development fee proposal

Proposal here:

We’re open to flip parkingyournubits.rocks (actual website) and parkyournubits.com (static redirection to parkingyournubits.rocks) if that’s what shareholders prefer.

Please let us know what you think.

Willy and TheCrema

Looks like a very much needed tool!
The price to develop it seems quite high, especially as Nu should hope to make use of it only rarely, but without it, Nu isn’t able to know how many NBT are parked for how long.
This is necessary to adjust the park rates.
I find it crucial to have that information.
Nu needs to have a feedback between market situation, park rates, parked NBT (and for sure some more parts).
Regarding parked NBT Nu is blind except for the total amount of parked NBT.
This is insufficient.

small correction:
“it’s” should be “its”

it’s launch
it’s business

If any time you’re not completely sure, just say it out loud. “It’s” is a contraction and translates to “it is.”

For example, the following sentence…

“The website had a total of 635 unique visitors since it’s launch on May 1st, 2016.”

…translates into…

“The website had a total of 635 unique visitors since it is launch on May 1st, 2016.”

…which is incorrect and sounds off. This sentence on the other hand…

“It’s now time for us (TheCrema and willy) to move on and get a proper grant to improve this product even further.”

…translates into…

“It is now time for us (TheCrema and willy) to move on and get a proper grant to improve this product even further.”

…is correct and also sounds right when read aloud. The same goes with other contractions.

Thanks. I edited the post.

Can you talk some about the software liscence? $7.5k is pretty steep.

Sure, what do you need to know?

It’s basically the same deal we made with the ALix contract. We make it, we run it on our servers, but this will be open source software, so Nu can do whatever it wants to do with it.

Regarding price steepness: Yes, but it’s that steep for a simple reason. It was a lot of work to come up with a next to exact prediction of the unpark amount. Still, the formula has some rounding issues starting after the second decimal, but we can’t make that go away for now. The functions are very well hidden inside the client and eventually @sigmike had to give the final hint.

The testing for the backend took about two weeks, because we had to parse the complete blockchain and every transaction for three times in total.

Now it’s working and we’re very happy with it. We’re currently discussing the frontend of the site and are eager for feedback from the community.

I’m also having a hard time with the cost of it. [quote=“willy, post:7, topic:3884”]
It was a lot of work to come up with a next to exact prediction of the unpark amount.
I’m not entirely impressed with the model of building and then charging. We are now basically forced into this solution, while a discussion before might have led to cheaper or smarter solutions. But maybe I’m the only one.

Nobody is forced into anything. Nu has an offer to purchase a license for a tool that fills a need.
This discussion can still take place and if it turns out that the presented solution isn’t the ideal solution this will be reflected in the contract.
@willy and @TheCrema took a risk to invest time into this tool in advance.
From the presentation I gather there has been communication with the development team (at least with @sigmike.
Maybe the decision to make it this way has been made together with the dev team; I don’t know

No, I find it a bit strange as well.
But taking into regard what this tool offers and how blind Nu is when it comes to knowledge about parked NBT, I welcome the initiative.

what is so difficult about finding about the parked amount at any point in future based on previous history? i was looking at the parser for blockexplorer.nu and it looks like it can be added there without big problems.


You’re not forced to do anything here.
The backend was pretty much build as a proof of concept and then further refined.
What’s weird about it?
Artists make paintings and then ask a price for it.
If one is willing to pay that price, good. If not, also good.

Please understand that I will not share any further details of the parsing process at this point.

I can offer the following:

  1. lower the total amount to 9500 (850 NBT discount)
  2. promise to park the granted amount for three months, so the granted NBT don’t get sold for BTC immediately
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Im not a fan of forced parking. It gives shareholders incentive to delay passage.

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That is a bit different I believe. Artists are creative and don’t require the amount of knowledge as developers. It is more about experience and expression.

I understand that given the process you follow. It sets you up for disappointments as soon as someone else figures out the temporarily unique knowledge you obtained. Shareholder have an incentive to ensure knowledge is shared and doesn’t come at a premium. That’s exactly what I don’t like about your ‘artist’ model, it is not a win-win situation.

Basically I’m only looking for a simple script which provides me output on what has been parked (amount) and for each amount what term (in days). All the rest is nice to have and gold-plating and given the state of the network I’m not that keen to pay the amounts you ask.

I’m leaving this on hold hoping that a smarter offer that better meets my basic requirements comes up or when the network has a windfall.

People want to get compensated for their efforts, that’s natural.
I get that you would want to come for a better, simpler solution to come, but you’re missing the important fact that there about six developers that contributed to Nu in the last three months.
It’s basically CoinGame, woodstockmerkle, sigmike, desrever, Sam and me. Sorry for anyone I missed at this point.
My point being… There are not many people available to make your dreams come true.
And the other thing is, that I myself consider your simple solution to be impossible for now without a costum client.

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I just answered a few questions about the premium calculation.

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I think the parking interests can attract a lot of speculators and create a second market for Nu, besides hedging.
Therefore, I am likely to vote for this proposal although it would cost 10k NBT to Nu but it should be a good investment over the mid term, I believe.

What features does the solution you developed have, that are useful to assess the liquidity situation with regard to parked NBT that

http://nuexplorer.ddns.net/charts/parked and

don’t offer?

I fear we have come to an awkward situation.
I wouldn’t want leaving you with your efforts being uncompensated.
I’m well aware that you didn’t aks for a mandate to make this development, but punishing you for taking initative would be very bad either.
The fee from your proposal will have a hard time passing, though, when being compared with @backpacker’s proposal.

Do you have any idea how we can handle this?

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This proposal is withdrawn.

I can’t say that I’m overly happy about how this went, although Nu gets information about parked NBT much cheaper now.
As a whole it might not be good for Nu, if this incident alienates you.
Do you want to make a comment about it?