[Withdrawn] Make Firing and Replacing Incompetent Liquidity Providers Our Top Priority

Along these lines… I think if the biggest creditors (to the point of majority) agreed to a debt equity swap deal, it would be (semi?)-legit to force those same terms on everyone else… That is how it would work in the real world…

There is no distribution of power, and no independent courts who would have the power to make a final decision. Coming from a country where people sue each other over tiny scratches in their car, I was honestly surprised how even registered companies like CCEDK and BTER are apparently legally in no trouble whatsoever if they simply continue operation after a hack and promise to pay back their customers at some day (or maybe not).

But of course I agree that a step like this here has to be well communicated and the consequences need to be understood by all participants.

@Confucius you said doubted buying Nu because of a lack of investment possibility in shares earlier and I couldnt reply so Im tagging you so you see this response by teek.

People investing in NSR enabled NBT right? They have the right of control. NBT holders can have a say - through NSR.

As a central figure, I think alot of the success and failures of the community are attributable to you, J Lee. Without assigning fault, i feel that your role just need to enforce a chill atmosphere that will allow other professional developers to flourish – and not worry so much!

I would rather you didn’t do that. What about declaring a new peg at ~50 cents?