[Withdrawn] fixes of nuexplorer software for multi currency

To Nu Shareholders,

Current version of open source nuexplorer does not work with multiple currencies, software crashes while parsing blocks with new currencies park rates. In order to get software back up and running, I’ve had to spend time, that I am proposing to reimburse.

Success of this grant will show me the good will of share holders and will allow me to commit more time towards implementing full multicurrency support in nuexplorer software.

NuBits grant address: B8Vk7rtVYEv116SMLaS63XG7msrJWmgeDP
Vote amount: 500NBT

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I’m certain we should fund maintenance and development of the block explorer. I would like to explore the idea of enhancing the explorer to present real time money supply figures on all our assets (currencies and NSR), in fact.

However, I am not entirely comfortable with the way your recent work and this grant request are structured. Typically, work of this kind is paid at an hourly rate or a lump sum for completion of certain specifications.

What are the specifications of the changes you are proposing?

Are you interested in presenting accurate and real time money supply counts? This would be based loosely on what I am doing in the NSR buyback thread. The explorer could check the balance of known Nu address and calculate the total. There are on exchange funds that need to be considered as well. Perhaps these could be entered manually for now, while later it would be possible for NuBot to report updated exchange balances.

my first thought was to contact you directly and request compensation for hours spent working on this software so far, but I thought it would be fair to make service contracts transparent to the community.

formal specifications for this grant is very simple - get explorer back online. importing software of explorer was not working and i had to debug it. i believe value requested for work done with nu explorer is fair considering importance of working explorer for the project and amount of developers interested in this task. it is also a preparatory stage for implementing second stage.

further work requires detailed specifications, like:

  • updating status page with new currencies
  • updating charts
  • details of addresses / transactions with new currencies

if you want to add real time money counts to status page, or new chart, please provide more information.

let me reiterate, this grant is merely fixes for nuexplorer software to get it back to running. further work needs to be done, you can add specifications to it. this extra will be separately funded and performed through different proposal if this one passes.


http://nuexplorer.ddns.net/ does not seem to be responding. Can you help @backpacker?

Can you tell us a little more about what needed to be done to the explorer or how long you spent on getting it to work with 3.0?

nu explorer software has a parser module, that reads binary files containing Nu blockchain that local nud daemon writes.

it is hardcoded to read block transactions that set park rates, grant and motion votes. if it sees something it does not understand it crashes or worse continues to work writing rubbish into local variables and the database.

ps. server should be working, my provider was having some difficulties.

Lack of support for this grant is alarming. @Phoenix are you too busy to set voting?

I still value your work on the block explorer and want you to continue working on it. For me, being properly distracted with other things (right now the Poloniex delisting announcement) is preventing me from working with you to structure your work and compensation in a way I am comfortable with. I had said before that the two normal models for compensation are a flat fee for the implementation of well articulated specifications and the other is an hourly rate. Your proposal doesn’t appear to conform to either of these standard models for compensation. I suspect other shareholders feel the same way.

I don’t want to discourage you, but at the same time, I don’t have much bandwidth for this right now.

As I have stated multiple times in the past, I continue to experience major difficulties posting to and accessing this forum. I spent 5 minutes composing this post, but 15 minutes trying to get past the “403 Forbidden” message that prevents my post from actually submitting. That’s a generous allocation to this issue and I doubt I will have more time in the coming days.

I am still considering starting my own forum solely to save time accessing the forum. Maybe @Ben can help with this. Then I could help you and others on the forum more. @Ben, my guess is this is a Cloudflare interacting with Tor issue. Reducing Cloudflare protection would probably meet my needs.

This speaks volumes:


How can the NSR grant have such support and yours almost none?

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like @Phoenix said, he doesn’t have time for it at the moment. as soon as we come to some sort of conclusion with him, real shareholders will vote.

i have spent almost 10 hours debugging this python parser module and request 50 usd per hour fee for this type of work.

if there’s problem with this, please speak up, i’ll promptly stop wasting our collective time.


are you happy with my proposal of 50 usd per hour?

Proposal withdrawn, it has been paid for.

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