***Withdrawed*** Motion to provide dual-side LPC service first and grant fee afterwards

Dear Nu community,

Based on the community’s feed back, the service first, fee afterwards approach is preferred. So I would like to propose this motion for Nushareholders to approve.

Motion Hash Code: xxxx(Start with “To” and End with ‘T.’)
Motion Begin
To approve this motion, Nushareholders vote on both the hash code of this Motion and Custodian grant as follow at same time:

xxxx, 1

This motion voting will last to 25 Nov 2014 15:00 GMT.
If this motion is approved before 25 Nov 2014 15:00 GMT, Dongshan will:

1, Provide a fund of BTC or PPC equivalent of 20,000 NBT to support NBT’s liquidity in one trading pair of one exchange.
2, Subject to Jordan Lee’s arrangement of trading pair and exchange where this service will be offered.
3, Guarantee the liquidity support service start from the buy side.
4, Operate NuBot to provide dual side liquidity for a period of 30 days.
5, Offer operational reports.

If Dongshan’ service is provided as described above, Nushareholders will:

1, Pass the following service fee grant at the time no later than 24 hours after Dongshan’s service period ends.

xxxx, 5000

2, Authorize and request anyone who holds asset on behalf of Nushareholders, including but not limited to Jordan Lee, KTM and jmiller, to fulfill Nushareholders’ obligation by directly paying Dongshan 5000 NBT of service fee, in case the service fee grant is not passed as it should be.

This motion is not effective if it is not passed before 25 Nov 2014 15:00 GMT.
Motion End

Please Vote two things:

Motion Hash: xxxx
Custodian Grant: xxxx, 1

This custodian grant address is needed to report liquidityinfo. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.


It looks like you forgot to post the motion hash below the motion?

I computed the hash code and posted the thread, when 5 minutes later I check it again, the code changed. I do not know why and I am scared. So I deleted the old one, and check it again for more than 8 times. Now I am confident it is the right one. Thank you.

I’m seeing a different hash hash when using this online converter still.



Yes. Indeed. the code is different in your converter.I am confused.

I use these two site check it for many times.


Well that’s odd. I’ll try to figure out what the difference is, but I think it’s safe to continue using your hash since it was verified on two different sites. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you for the initiative. It will be good if you specify which exchange you are going to provide liquidity. If it is not well known with very limited volume (even poloniex and allcoins only see ~$50 NBT/BTC volume in 24hr), the value of your service is affected. The high fee you request seems to suggest that there is a significant exchange risk to leave your fund for a month there. Specifying and justifying your choice of exchange help the shareholders to decide.

Fees paid out by NuNet are not backed by USDs. It has an impact on the financial health of NuNet. I would like to see your service placed on one of the top international exchanges. Sorry if this doesn’t sound very positive. I appreciate your support.

That’s why I follow Jordan’s arrangement. I believe he will entirely act on Nushareholder’s behalf.
So I think my fund will be used in the most useful place.
I also think my fund will be used in the most dangerous place. If KTM’s funds and my funds are going to support a safe exchange and a dangerous one, Jordan’s rational arrangement will be my funds go to the dangerous one, because the risk is totally on my side.


Maybe the “Start with” message needs an update?

@dongshan You may be interested in claiming Jordan’s new 1M NSR bounty in lieu of the NBT fee for your proposal.