Will B&C list coins for free?

I was asking myself whether we will charge a fee for listing coins?

I think it depends - on technical and economical conditions; and on the BKS holders!
BCE will be listing coins which are supposed to bring the most revenue.
Integrating coins requires some programming effort and reputed signers need to be found as well.

I suppose that being open source is a requirement for security purposes - no one, especially not signers, should risk having their systems compromised by closed source products with hidden functions (which is one the reasons why Nu was made open source).

If a corporation or community wants to have a coin listed that is not high on BCE’s agenda (because the expected revenue is less than other coins that are in the works), the position might be improved by funding the development.
I can imagine having a motion to include a coin to BCE passed by the BKS holders in which the “contract” between “purchaser” and BCE is settled after a specified amount of BKS has been bought and burned by the purchaser or a specified amount of payment has been deposited to an [NBT|BTC|PPC] multi signature address under control of BCE.

I can imagine that some coins will have a hard time getting listed (even if they offer to pay generously), because the BKS holders are just not feeling right about it (…Paycoin…).

So I don’t suppose that in general a fee might be required or even help.
In some cases it might be different :wink:

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Elegant! Hadn’t thought about that.


Love that idea. Another way to generate profit for B&C shareholders. The more ways we can find, the better.