Why would liquidity matter for the best cryptos anyways?

Hey guys,

I was just asking myself whether liquidity provision for most of those coins we want to have listed on BCExchange provides any advantage over other exchanges as those coins probably have a lot of liquidity anyway? This is of course only related to liquidity risk, not exchange default risk or anything else. Can someone elaborate on why - in terms of liquidity - it should be better to trade at BCExchange instead of using Poloniex for instance for, say, Bitshares, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash, Doge?


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No aml limits…but i guess no exchange default risk could induce a higher liquidity and trade volume because traders are more comfortable with depositing more money and holding their money there.
Of course, this is to be counterbalanced with slower trade settlement.
Overall we could have the same volume and liquidity as polo for example, i feel.

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