Why the NSR-Transaction was Orphaned on blockexplorer.nu?

URL: http://blockexplorer.nu/address/STah97j5iyBNoVbBy7F3WRyohNzVSMcFej/1/newest
But the dividend this address is correct. ~~calculated by 45,6931NSR(sum)

What is the problem?

The block explorer is wrong. According to my client the transaction was confirmed in block b24823e0157f8d2b381d005eef641c4e82f89ba80322c8e658ccdfafdf366dae (87014 blocks ago).

oh, thanks :innocent:

The block explorer has a bug where transactions with a similar ID can be tracked improperly. It is not an issue with the client. The block explorer developer is are but I don’t know if there’s a timeline for a fix.