Why no Nu services on the horizon?

I really wonder why Nu hasn’t deploy services around it like Ethereum and Dash, has. I would really love to see more of a service ecosystem. I think a Nu Debit card is a great service specially because is easier to manage and understand.

Then there is the other services that Nu should be right at home like, prediction markets, crowdfunding sites, wallets, and FIAT exchanges.

Maybe there are and I just havent seen them but talking on the Nu slack most people couldnt mention one.

Nu is not trying to build a platform.
Just a dao that issues stable cryptos.
However in my vision, we see ll an ecosystem of daos derived from the Peershares template, it could be prediction market dao, remittance dao, e-commerce dao, openbazaar dao etc…
NuBit would be central as a way to exchange value between those daos.
BCE will be the first dao besides Nu.
It will be also central for exchanging shares of those daos.

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We do have the NuDroid wallet which is still being developed.

Prediction market and crowdfunding requires different blockchains/contracts as @cryptog mentions. Most of us don’t believe in one blockchain with all the functions you can imagine. I just happened to have made an attempt to explore some new functionality mostly based on existing functionality already available within Nu blockchain here. It clearly requires investments which Nu is not in a great position to do at the moment. More work needs to be done determining the viability of this and other thoughts.

I do believe Nu should focus a bit more on creating value from the current blockchain to enable Nu to stand on its own feet. The alternative would be a conglomerate of blockchains working together. This might be possible with e.g. B&C exchange. B&C might wish to contract services from Nu e.g. providing liquidity. Although the business case is not entirely clear yet. We are in the very early stages of building an ecosystem and/or providing services to other blockchains/DAOs. I would definitely choose that over building more and more functionality into a single blockchain.


You just need some ħopium don’t you?

What do u mean? I am here to try to build something. What is your goal in the Nu community?