Why I need to buy NBT?

I can buy goodies by dollars, why I need to buy NBT? There is no stores accepting NBT so far. If I hold NBT, who I am trusting for - the Nushareholders?

If there is not store accepting NBT, NBT is just an altcoin. People would like to hold USD other than NBT if no one would like to accept NBT as money.

Pls correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks. This is very helpful.

Hi there, these are some non-obvious scenario that we put together in another thread :

  1. Keeping profits from trades without having to go into fiat. NBTs are a valid mean for this scope.
  2. People that wants to park them. I personally say that @pennybreaker idea of having an high interest on day one can be beneficial ( link )
  3. Use the parking feature to replace all the current “proof-of-burn” applications. Its much easier to proof that something has been parked for 1000 years than burned.
  4. Use the parking feature to prevent spam. Spam in public polls, spam in email, spam in transactions, spam in submissions . Let honest people “park” a small sum before submitting a proposal / vote / poll / email . Discourage dishonest people from submitting millions items.
  5. Merchants that do not want to keep their revenue in BTC but also don’t want to necessarily having to convert them in fiat. NBT will make the case.
  6. Store of value for Crowdfunding campaign in BTC. Campaign makers and backers would probably benefit from having their initial offer pegged to usd for the period of the campaign .
  7. International remittance requirement
  8. Loans for businesses
  9. Companies that already pay their employees in Bitcoin, would be attracted by offering NuBits salaries
  10. please add a case scenario here
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