Why Bitcoin's Stability In Volatile Markets Makes It A 'Must Own' For Long-Term Investors!

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Nasdaq.com > Why Bitcoin’s Stability In Volatile Markets Makes It A ‘Must Own’ For Long-Term Investors !!!

The journalist should not write about that topic.

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Given that, the continuing decline in the rate of supply and a tendency for demand to increase as stability takes hold, there is, in the long term, only one way for BTC/USD to move…up.

If you have $375 that you want to leave, in cash, for your great-grandchildren, you have a choice. You could lock the Dollars away somewhere in the certain knowledge that by the time that future generation accesses them they will be virtually worthless, or you could purchase 1 Bitcoin and store it in a digital wallet. If Bitcoin fails you have the same result, but if stability continues and is a sign of maturity then that future generation will be thanking you forever. That seems like a risk/reward ratio too good to turn down.

This level of shilling is disappointing to read on a major site like Nasdaq.com. It is dishonest to suggest that Bitcoin is not capable of collapsing to near-worthless levels in the future, or that that likelihood is equal to the probability of the USD collapsing.

It is even more frightening to think that a writer is publicly advocating for readers to gamble their children and grand-children’s future, rather than responsibly investing the USD funds in a low-risk bond or mutual fund. Bitcoin “supporters” are often nothing more than predatory sharks that exploit the lack of hope present in the lives of financially disadvantaged people.


Bitcoin will be endorsed by those in power if it is their interest and they have a cut in it.

Same logics apply for Peercon and Nu.