Who selling lot of NuShares on Bter?

Everyday lot of Nushare selling out on Bter. As far I know Nushares distributed on trusted peoples. So, who is selling now with cheap rate?

I don’t think the seller (or sellers) will admit it, so we should just make random accusations. I’ll say it’s @Tomjoad. :smiley:

I think you should know by now that I’ve been actively purchasing NSR from secondary sellers, @Chronos.

I also bought lot of shares from them, just curious to know who is selling!!!

@Tomjoad You have to accuse someone else when you deny the selling.

@Chronos is the seller! That’s why he tries to put @tomjoad into focus!

I knew it! @masterOfDisaster is the seller!

It’s me. I’ve been liquidating @Chronos’s stash behind his back to finance my growing Pai Gow poker addiction.

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So that’s where it went. I was wondering why you wanted my private keys.

…and you thought it were testnet keys. Pffff!
Welcome to the real world, Mr. Chronos!

The ultimate conspiracy: it could be @JordanLee selling the undistributed shares on BTER.

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Aaah… conspiracy theories. Let’s try this:
…are you sure that there have only 1 billion NSR been generated with the genesis block? Have you verified that?

Yes, and you, too, can check.

Block 1 through Block 400

That’s what the Nu block explorer wants me to believe.
It is according to the money supply shown by the Nu client (“moneysupply” : 1004248428.31659997 - where the hell do the .31something come from?).
But as I can neither access the source code of the block explorer nor the source code of the Nu client, I have to believe that only 1 billion NSR have been created :wink:

Fair point. Have there been instances where an altcoin’s supply numbers have been artificially clipped to hide extra premised units?

We’d have a disaster on our hands if we were caught lying about it when we eventually open-source in the future. If Jordan wanted to pull the wool over a large group of people he could have done it with far less effort than creating such a novel design. We’ll leave that sort of deception to the weekly scam threads over on bitcointalk.


I think @Ben has access to the source code, so he could check for the supply bloat conspiracy. Of course, he would be in on it… shifty eyes

You are all wrong. BTER creates non-existent Nushares orders and executes non-existent trades to prop up volume. :wink:

It has been nice volume on both NBT and NSR. I hope other exchanges are noticing and an NBT/NSR pair gets some good action.

How many NSR sold in these days on bter?