Who is TotalB00n?

… I’ve read some amazing Posts from him on reddit.

Is he in this community, hiding his real identity like Clark Kent?

Any leads welcome. No conspiracy theories please.

It’s @masterOfDisaster. You can tell because the writing styles are the same.

Are you sure, maybe it’s someone trying to copy me?
That would be charming, because it meant, I were worth being copied :smile:
I’m not going to support any conspiracy theories…

@Sentinelrv with the dox (not really though). I hadn’t made the connection either. I just figured he was a total all around boon for our community.

Well I believe he said it a couple years ago in Peercointalk chat, so I wasn’t just going off writing styles. I actually thought it was well known, but I guess not.

Then let’s better forget it, before somebody starts believing it.
Nobody knows Superman’s secret identity either!

forget what? :neutral_face: