Where to buy

Hi All,

Im interested in Nubit and Nushares, however I am having trouble finding where to buy NuShares, as part of my research, there is little point in me continuing if I am unable to purchase any.

Alcurex appears to have withdrawal issues (plus cannot even generate a BTC deposit address). Can anyone advise?


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Alcurex’ withdrawal issues are finally resolved. Closest new listings are at SouthXchange and Bittrex, though not confirmed at this point.

Has your BTC deposit address at Alcurex appeared by now?

See you around.

Yes thank you, it ha son appeared, is there a minimum Nushares needed for voting rights?

Also the site still says Alucrex is having issue, may want to update it.


Every 10,000 NSR allow one vote per 7 days. Once cast, the involved NuShares cannot be moved temporarily.


Thanks for the reminder!