Where nushares?

peercoin dividend
I distributed
Where nushares

Hi, Levent. I’m not sure what I’m seeing here. Did you send out a dividend payment to NuShare holders?

If so, may I ask why? The dividend mechanism can be accessed by anyone, but it is really intended to be used by elected Custodians. Further more, the dividend only pays in one direction. From the way that you worded your post, I get the impression that you thought that by sending a dividend, that you would get NuShares in return – it does not work this way.

NSR can be bought on the open market (currently, BTER.com), or by contacting Jordan Lee through BitMessage. See the “Undistributed Shares” topic for his address.

If this wasn’t the answer to your question, please restate it.

Hi Ben :smile:
I’m sorry my English is minimal.
I did it
I do not know the result ?

Let’s take a look at how a custodian would distribute dividends to NuShareholders:

What is your native language, Levent? We have community members that can help translate, if you would like to ask the question in a different language.

Levent, if you distributed dividends to shareholders by mistake, and if you own the input addres PXbtZf7C9DkkFa4QktYimMQT3vr2s2DwVH , I will shoot some tip to that address just because. :wink:


my address

Tip sent!

In Turkish, according to Google translate:

Kar mekanizması herkes tarafından ulaşılabilir, ancak gerçekten seçilmiş Emanet kıymet tarafından kullanılmak üzere tasarlanmıştır. Dahası, temettü sadece bir yönde öder. Bu şekilde çalışmıyor - Eğer yazı ifadeli yoldan, ben size karşılığında NuShares alacağı, temettü göndererek düşündüm izlenimini almak.

ben,MHPS, tomjoad



A generous person gave you 15 PPC to help your mistake. https://bkchain.org/ppc/address/PXbtZf7C9DkkFa4QktYimMQT3vr2s2DwVH

We hope you decide to buy NuShares at https://bter.com/trade/NSR_BTC with Bitcoin. Welcome to the community! :smile:

Cömert kişi sizin hata yardımcı olmak için 15 PPC verdi. https://bkchain.org/ppc/address/PXbtZf7C9DkkFa4QktYimMQT3vr2s2DwVH

Biz Bitcoin ile https://bter.com/trade/NSR_BTC de NuShares satın almaya karar umuyoruz.Topluma hoş geldiniz! :smile:

Chronos Thank you very much, :santa: :smiley: