Where is sell wall on Poloniex?

Where is sell wall on Poloniex? I cannot see. Thank you


~4 k at the time of writing. not much. btc is swinging at the moment.

I did not see. Maybe 3350 NBT. It is small I think. Thank you

With a 24 hour volume of $200k on polo (almost half our nbt marketcap) I think we’re doing pretty well.

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so does polo, with 200k x 0.2%. Do the math :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s actually 0.4% (total profit to polo = $800) because both the customer and the custodian pay it to polo. Can’t wait till B&C is operational :slight_smile:


Actually, $800

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There is no sell on Poloniex?

I’m sorry, Nubits has been very bad in my previous days. Now I want to sell my NuShares but there is no one to buy, so they are worthless. I am disappointed.

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Though, I have to point out that the volume for Nubits on Poloniex rather demonstrates that the opposite of your individual experience must be true for most other people using Nubits. Please let me know how many Nushares you want to sell and at what price (maybe we can agree on a little bit above worthless! :slight_smile: )

What makes you think NuBits has been very bad in the previous days?
The peg has been kept perfectly with daily trading volumes of hundreds of thousands of USD.

If you want to sell NuShares, you might (as an educated NSR holder who follows the Nu development, its course, its motions…) be aware of the weekly NSR buybacks that are conducted.
This should provide you with a perfect means of getting rid of the unwanted NSR at a reasonable price.

Assuming that you are an early NSR holder (your account dates back to November last year), who might have bought each for approximately $0.002 you can be happy with the current price of approximately $0.0035.
And even if you had bought NSR at a higher price, you have received dividends if you held your shares ever since.
You’d need to have bought at a very high price to not have reached a positive ROI (including dividends) if you sell now.

I feel a little bit sorry if my post sounds too much tongue-in-cheek.
But I can hardly see a reason for an NSR holder to sell NSR now!

Nu had its first anniversary, providing a stable peg all the time. New products are on the roadmap, Blocks & Chains Exchange will likely have a positive impact on the business of Nu, NBT find more and more adoption, tens of thousands of USD are used for NSR buybacks and soon maybe for PPC dividends.

I would really be interested in your reasoning, because I could have understood you depression for some time in Nu’s past, but not now…


Just wait until Thursday next week, there’ll be another 20 btc on the order books. Every week, until the end of time, forever and ever we will buy back your shares. Don’t forget to panic sell!

I’m sorry, I’m not very smart, you’re right. I’m sorry if I’m fast. It’s just a lack of selling Poloniex wall. I am very calm. Thank you, Sirs.

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you’re fine, and you’re right that we’re having issues with polo’s sell wall. Thanks for saying something.

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When I wrote my reply I already said that I felt a little bit sorry if my post sounds too much tongue-in-cheek.
Now I feel really sorry, because I made you feel bad. That was not my intention.

I was kind of overwhelmed by your reaction. This is not meant as an excuse for my behaviour, merely an explanation.

I want to make a formal apology.

nobody should feel bad. all of you made wonderful posts full of lessons :wink:

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