When NBT Is Used More Than Fiat (or Nu and Market Manipulation)



Is it a strategy related to book order mirroring:Finalized evolution of liquidity operations ?

Edit: also is it related to nubot 0.5.1? NuBot development roadmap - From 0.1 to 1.0

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You’re right that order book mirroring would defeat the pump and dump attack. So that would impose a limit to the amount of liquidity we provide, equal to the liquidity existing in other markets. That is a solution, but it is akin to limiting our provision and increasing our spread.

I’m not sure what nubot 0.5.1 is so I can’t comment.

This may not be something new, I’m not sure. It’s just some thoughts I was having about recursive price feeds. The relationship between the operator and client allows for them to tug on each other to attain an appropriate price.

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