What software is this?

What “forum” software are we using here to communicate? I kinda like it…

http://www.discourse.org/ It’s called discourse.

It’s really freaking slick. Wait until we get all kinds of neat API stuff set up :wink:

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Thanks! I’ll have to check it out!

This forum is awesome. The badges were a great idea it makes it even more fun to participate on the forum!

Awesome emoticon selection :herb: :koala: :v:

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I like using this software on my desktop very well.
But either it depends on my mobile phone or displaying the forum runs not that well on smartphones.
It takes a lot of time until the site is completely usable and things like “new”, “latest” threads or “notifications” can be clicked, etc.
…maybe my dual core cpu is just too slow…
Has anybody else “problems” with discuss.nubits.com on smartphones?

It works fine on my smartphone, but it’s one of those recent galaxy phones.

Is there an app for Android that we can use? or planned in the future?
similarly with TapaTalk for peercointalk

The only android app I’ve found is this one, and it had bad reviews so I didn’t try it. Maybe it will get better.

ouch! only two stars, I will give it a try anyway, could work well enough with my phone

the web version is pretty responsive and works well with my device

I’ve switched from “Dolphin brwoser” to “Firefox” on my phone and now the forum is much more agile.

After trying browsing the forum and posting this very message using Firefox on my android I have to say that, is smooth enough without the need of an app.

The email notifications and the other settings on the preference page of the forum works well too as a replacement of apps notifications