What is the development timeline for B&C?

I’ve been looking all over and I can’t seem to find a roadmap, timeline or anything that spells out what is still needed, or when the project might be ready to launch.

This seems very pertinent right now since a lot of people are pinning Nu’s hope on B&C.


A developer said to me that they were very busy at coding for B&C several days ago, but @JordanLee or @Phoenix has said nothing on it.

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Shame on you guys. Only because you invested a *** load of money into B&C, that does not entitle you to receive any information on the state of development! Right @JordanLee ?

No news is the best news.

At least you can check the development activity on bitbucket, as usual.

Exactly who did you talk to, how, and why haven’t they spoken about it on the forum then?

yeah I wonder why @eleven and @glv haven’t talked yet. Are they gagged? Are they too busy searching for jobs because they can’t pay their bills?

I guess they have not much time spending on this forum.

I communicate with eleven on a regular basis.
He is very much focused on coding.

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Are they on slack?

But how? Didn’t all the development money go down the drain when NBT collapsed? If this is true why do I have to hear it from rumors, why can’t someone actually developing say something?

From what I understand there was quite an amount of “excess” development funds that would have been left over after the project was finished, on top of that some developers are apparently paid in BKS.

I predict the development pace will be hammered for this month but if we recover the peg, that would be ok.

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Not if the peg is set at $0.10 for the foreseeable future according to this motion.

Hi guys, sorry for that. I am so busy recently. It is sad about what Nubit happened. I can update the B&C development process. We finished the 5.0 release and was testing, I am doing 5.2 development. And finish almost features. Maybe we still need some time to have a milestone progress. I don’t know what others are doing.


Hey Eleven. What features does v5.2 consist of?

Also, do you know how the broken peg is affecting payment to B&C developers? As far as I know, most of the development fund was in NuBits.

In 5.2 we have some features as below:

  1. create users other asset deposit/withdraw address, for example BTC, PPC, Nubit
  2. create order, order fill, order fill validation, cancel order
    Most of features in Jordan’s white paper are implemented. Now we need review our codes.

I guess the performance is relative low because the trades are on blockchain.

Can we implement off chain transaction in future? Or can we fork the lightning network from bitcoin?

Right now, at this stage it is not going to pass, unless some very big holders and/or data feeds providers start to vote for it.

B&C’s strength is in removing exchange default risk. Slowness is perhaps not a very big issue as B&C attracts high value risk-averse traders who tend to do low frequency trading.


Hi Eleven thanks for responding!

Am I then correct that development of B&C is not hampered by the potential loss of the Nubit development funds and everyone is still working on the code?

Could you point us to who else besides you and Jordan are working on B&C code?

Also am I correct in assuming 5.2 is the last release before 6.0 which is the final release and B&C is ready to go live?

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