What is the current status of NuBits and B&C?

I discovered NuBits about a month ago when I became really interested in stable crypto. Jordan Lee’s whitepaper has given me a lot to think about, and it is so nice to see something innovative in a space that has so many copies.

As I’ve been researching the NuBits project I also learned about Blocks & Chains–such a fresh idea!–and I’m eager to participate in that project. (Sidenote: I am still interested in purchasing some! If anyone is selling, please PM me!)

One thing I’m a bit confused about is the current status of these projects. For instance, a lot of the website content is missing or outdated (I think?). This forum seems to have a lot less participation than it used to. Yet, it looks as if things have been taking off for USNBT and NSR really recently.

There are a few older posts here with roadmaps for NuBits, and the B&C design document has a plan in it…but where are things at now?

I would especially love to see B&C built. I’m aware of a few other decentralized exchange projects, but I think your solution is the most interesting. So, what’s next??


Hi there.
The situation for Nu has improved a lot recently though there remain many things to do, including getting more exchanges on board, something i d like to help on.
For BCE, also. The team is recruiting 2 full time developers that would work mostly on it.
Please refer to Hiring two Senior C++ Blockchain Developers .
Thank you.

EDIT: if you want to purchase block shares, you may want to have a look at I am selling 120.5 BKS for 0.20103627 BCH / Bitcoin Cash

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