What is the balance sheet of Nu?

Nu is a decentralized autonomous corporation.
As a corporation, my understanding is that Nu needs to make revenues for the shareholders, meaning increasing the value of the shares and distributing dividends.

Which makes me wonder about its balance sheet

We can imagine the following:


  • revenues: sales of nbts, transaction fees, others
  • costs: custodian grants, others


  • assets: nushares, reserves, others
  • liabilities: nubits in circulation, others,

First of all, is my understanding correct? Second, what could be “others” in each field?

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I think sell/buy spread minus exchange fee is a source of revenue. Currently it might be set to 0.
Costs also includes nubits paid for development and PR etc.
Assets also include proprietary software and infrastructure. Are USD/BTC/PPC paid by initial share purchasers counted as reserves?

I think the spread is not 0. So my understanding is that custodians keep the profit.

I think JL assumes it is reserve.

I can’t remember where it was posted but I remember the current spread, at least for NBT/USD, is intentionally set to be the exchange fee.

I think spread, slippage, wall collision cost, loss due to market downtrend etc are all folded into custodian fee currently, however. So they shouldn’t count.

edit: the above is not correct for LPC grant generated by vote, but correct for LPCs who bring their own fund.

I am wondering how profitable it is to be a custodian (supporting a pair)…

the spread might be currently 0.2%. See --> Motion to widen shareholder-funded custodial spreads by 0.05% on crypto pairs