What happened to the "Introducing NuBits " video?

The video has been removed from NuBits.com and is now ‘private’ on youtube.com.

Very strange.
That should be changed!

edit: after having read the reasoning for the removal I concur.
This video might fit into “a history of the Nu network” (and should available somewhere with an explanation), but no longer accurately explains Nu or NuBits.

@tomjoad might have more information

Yeah, I went to look for it the other day to show somebody and noticed it was missing.

I’ve removed it from the website as of January 1, 2016, although I neglected to make a post here due to time constraints. You’ll notice our website core tagline has now been updated to “The World’s Best Stable Digital Currencies”. This is a major rebranding effort for our network that will require all communications to be on message. The informational video will immediately become obsolete and inaccurate once our new NBT products launch, because statements like “One NuBit will always be worth one US dollar” won’t convey much when we are using US NuBits, Chinese NuBits, and European NuBits. One US NuBit will be worth $1.00 US, but one European NuBit won’t.

One aspect of our network’s performance that I’m proud of has been our ability to keep our branding extremely focused. For example, if I asked an average Bitcoin user what BitShares are, most would have trouble coming up with an answer in less than ten sentences that didn’t involve saying “according to their website, at least this month”. If I asked an average Bitcoin user what NuBits are, most would answer “they’re a stable digital currency worth $1.00.” This simplicity makes our product more valuable, and we see that value in US NuBits’ superior trading volume compared to BitUSD. Part of maintaining branding focus is pruning any messaging that has expired.

Even subtle adjustments to branding strategy take a long time to propagate through consumers’ minds. So, in my opinion we should be using “The World’s Best Stable Digital Currencies” everywhere from now on, and minimizing the use of language that suggests “NuBits” are solely US NuBits. Our communications should be emphasizing and highlighting “NuBits” as a term for a stable digital currency, like “Dollars” are stable fiat currencies. I’m going to be trying to use “US NuBits” as often as I can on the forum, although I’m sure even with my best efforts it will slip my mind from time to time.

I understand some shareholders may be disappointed to lose the informational video, but we cannot be sentimental when it comes to maintaining our brand. Keeping the video available would very soon turn into a liability for our network because it introduces confusion to new users. Perhaps shareholders should consider producing a new video that touches on many of the new innovations our network has created since September 2014 as a replacement. Or, using the existing animation and creating a new script, perhaps with new animations added where necessary for new concepts.

If shareholders are concerned with this plan, now is the time to discuss it amongst ourselves.


I would be very much in favor of a new video and would like a similar video when we release B&C, such a relatively simple information animation video does wonders to inform people without scaring of people with walls of text.


I think the old video should be put back with a line saying it’s an old version until a new version comes out, which I think should be when new currency coins or wallets are released. Currently a Nubit is factually still $1 and that simple message is helping to attract new users.


If you were to put it back up as @mhps suggested, you could just go into the video settings and add one of those popup text boxes and put whatever info you want to, that it’s an outdated video or even info about our upcoming products.

@tomjoad, I have some questions. You worked with the creator of the Peercoin video to make the original NuBits video, correct? I’m not sure if David started working on that project before he left, or if you guided the video guy through the whole process all the way to the finished product. If you guided the whole process and not David, would you be interested in doing so again if NuShareholders were to compensate you for managing the project? I ask because the original video was spectacular and I’d love to see a video made that retains the same quality along with the updated messaging. I know you’re not being paid anymore as a regular contributor, but would you be open to being contracted for certain projects such as this?


Yes I created the video, with help from @CoinGame, but I suspect there are more important initiatives to fund at the moment. The “Introducing NuBits” video had less than 2000 views when I pulled it off the website. At a production cost of about $6000, that’s almost $3 per view, and many of those views were from people who were already familiar with NuBits. We decided not to create a B&C Exchange video, at least initially, for the same reason - it was expensive in relation to the views it received.

I’m certainly open to working on projects if shareholders vote for them. As a shareholder I will be prioritizing voting for protocol development in the short-term however, because I think introducing volume-dependent transaction fees, an NSR re-denomination, and new NBT products will have a stronger impact on our brand awareness than marketing/advertising projects will.


That would justify to keep the video on the site a bit longer until the new NBT products and the required changes at protocol level has been successfully tested. I would support to have the video back on the site for now that it is focussed on US-NBT and that more products are under way or something like that.


Me too.


Can we get these broken links removed from the site please? It’s kind of embarrassing. Even just screenshots of the client would be 100x better.

Where do u see broken links?


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Huh… I’m not sure why those videos were hidden as they’re still relevant to using the client… I don’t have time right now but I’ll look into getting them back up when I get a chance. Unless @tomjoad has a reason to share for them being disabled. Then we can just remove them.

We won’t have the other currencies any time soon, so the old video is acceptable until concrete coding work of the new currencies has started. As mentioned before in this thread, it is unclear why it was so hastily removed given where we are at.

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I’ve mentioned multiple times why the Introducing NuBits was deleted. If you (or others) would like it re-added, please propose a motion. I think it’s the wrong course of action; US-NBT is slowly becoming more widely used, and that’s encouraging.

I deleted an email address used that apparently hosted the YouTube videos. Luckily, I have the master copies available on my hard drive. If anyone wants to put them on their YT channel (including @Chronos, the creator) I will email them and then link the new uploads on the website. Nothing has been lost. Nice catch @Nagalim.

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@tomjoad That was close! I took a look around, and I didn’t have the master copies of those videos, so it’s lucky that you still have them.

Since the videos feature only screen captures, and are pretty walkthrough-oriented, I’d recommend we create a YouTube channel specifically for NuBits, and post them there.



I’m fine with having the video on the Youtube channel first as Chronos proposes. Have a look at them again and then see if it is worth putting up a motion to link to it from the website. Maybe just adding some subtitles explaining that NBT is same as USNBT would just do it for now. Saves us creating another video.

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