What Does it Take to Succeed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization?


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A good example of a type of DAO which is around for a while is NuBits. Shareholders owning digital shares freely traded with the ability to vote for the direction of the coin by custiodial grants, motions or setting interest rates. There are roles people can take on as developing applications, providing liquidity to support the NuBits peg to the US dollar and provisioning of data-feeds for Shareholders. Just to name a few. Check this cutting edge tech out!

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in my oppinion Nu is currently on level 3

Co-operative – users expects some shared gains to be returned.

we are struck along all others with crypto-currency wider acceptance, still too young to gain from our unique stability system, but growing fast with great opportunities :smile:

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The stability feature is useless if it does not find a use case.
NuBits is so far as much useless for the common ppl as Bitcoin is.