What can CCEDK do to to get NBT/BTC pair back up?

I cant help noticing the way Bter managed to get their NBT/BTC up and running, and since I see we have untill now no real activity there, I am trying to be a little proactive here, and hope that’s ok.

What can we do to get a bot operating on CCEDK on the NBT/BTC pair? And what interest can we obtain in order to offer the liquidity on CCEDK? I see bter managed to get this kind of agreement arranged and see this as a way of getting some liquidity created in order to settle ther remaining part of the outstanding.

Personally I believe in solutions rather than problems, and hope you do the same.


Ronny Boesing

Maybe @cybnate can expand her liquidbits operation to that pair?

Here is a list of all active tllp pairs:

I’m good to do so, but not before this motion has passed:


Theoretically, @ronny can provide as much liquidity on that pair as the target allows. Just run the liquidity client the same way everyone else does. It has a 1250 NBT target on either side.

Bter has not directly utilized my pools to the best of my knowledge.

The pair you are referring to is on Bitcoin.co.id not CCEDK.
I will prepare for a bit of testing on BTC/NBT on CCEDK anyway, as it might need some code to get that up and running.

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