What are some of the bigger challenges that need to be tackled before Bitcoin can begin to reach its potential?

There’s a non-technical chicken-and-egg problem that I’m worried
about right now. How do people get Bitcoins in the first place? How do
people earn Bitcoins so that they have them to spend? If you have to
jump through some hoops—if you have to go to some exchange or buy
Bitcoins with a credit card—that makes it a lot less attractive. You
really want some natural way for people to get Bitcoins, as part of
their paycheck or some other activity so they can turn around and spend
them. It’s much better if the Bitcoin economy is a self-contained thing."

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yes, the real chalenge of cryptos is to avoid any connection with fiat and be used in their own ecosystem!
this will need adoption and establishment, 2 magical terms for cryptos’ future.