What are benefits from holding NSR?

Howdy, everyone.
Could anyone make me clear, which exactly benefits i may get, from holding NSR?
I mean, NSR are assets and any assets always give some percents of income.
I maked easy calcilation about price-history and NSR look very good as assets, according to another simular currencies, but need to be sure, about %,

NSRs give dividends (denominated in peercoins) although according to one of latest posts from Jordan Lee, it is rather the burning of NSRs that could be adopted mainly by shareholders as a way to reward them.
Other than, holding NSR (in excess of 10,000 units) enable you to vote for motions, parking rates and custodial votes, which can be regarded as even more important than the rewards.

Thanks, but about dividends. What is the size of them and how often NU paid them?
Just need to know these details for next movements with funds, including buying of NSR.

You can get info here: [PASSED] Motion to adjust the dividend distribution structure of custodian grant