Website UX suggestion (


I recently went through again quickly.
Here is are quick remarks and feedbacks about it, nothing exhaustive. (Quick context: I manage a department where we build from scratch software products)
I’m sure you guys need more implementation help than just feedback, but for whether it’s used or not I though I would post it here anyway.

What’s good:

  • Great overall look. Great logo.
  • Clear layout.
  • Clear and focused catchphrase. Easy to understand. But even-though “decentralized” is common word, a “mass market” user might not grasp the merits for an exchange to be “decentralized”.

What I think is missing to make it perfect is more user-oriented guidance, that would be very practical, easy to understand, short and focused and probably casual.

So here is a suggestion:

Top menu on the home page
[Overview/FAQ] <- new section
[Download] <- could be good to add a download section down the homepage and link to it from the top menu to make the top menu even more focused
[Supported Currencies]
[Design Document]


  • Add current status and Release date (or ETA of it)
  • Add “Why do we need a client and why the exchange not online like other exchanges?”
  • [Windows] [Linux] [Code]

Answer the following questions:

  • How do we trade? Step-by-step guide?
  • What are blockcredit? Why do we use them for?
  • What are blockshare? Why do we use them for?
  • What is blockshare minting, who can do it?
  • If I just mint BKS, will that give me BTC dividends?
  • etc

Just my 2 cents,

I really like the Peercoin, Peershares, NuShares and B&C networks. Really cool job.

Good luck!


Hi @Colin. Thanks for the detailed feedback on the website.

This current iteration of is a very minimalist website, as we’re trying to preserve funding for protocol development. You’ve pointed out a lot of features that we hope to add in a full-scale website. If you check out, you’ll see what our team has made in the past - it includes several of your suggested sections, including dedicated download sections, detailed FAQs, white papers, and technical information on NuShares voting and dividends. You’re absolutely correct that we will need to provide at least this much detail on a full B&C Exchange website.

As we progress towards future releases that enable live trading, I hope you’ll keep pointing out areas for improvement (and possibly volunteering to write sections that you think might be missing). It’s always nice to have more marketing expertise in the community.