Web Wallet

I didn’t see a post about web wallets, so I’m opening one. Is there one? I imagine the blockchain is still small so it’s not an actual pain, but I hate running my own chain on my computer [call me crazy].

Also, I love that this site uses Discourse. IMHO it’s the best forum software by orders of magnitude. This will be a real treat to the community :slight_smile:

Edit: Or maybe something like electrum…


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We don’t have a webwallet. We do have an Android wallet which kind of runs it’s own chain but on a light version.
I believe with the imminent open sourcing of the NU code, it will be relatively simple to add to existing Peercoin or Bitcoin webwallets or electrum style wallet like e.g. bkchain.org. It just needs a motivated developer.

If there is a Nubits web wallet to support tip-anyone I will use it for small payments, donation, and tipping.