We should drive NBT buyers to fiat pools and NBT sellers to crypto pools

When we have new customers, we want to provide a good experience for them. They heard about the liquidity pools thing, and they’ve used nbt to short btc in the past, but this seems really interesting and they’re ready to put new money into the network. With the right marketing, we can drive these customers where we want them. We should send new customers to fiat pools because it is a clearly profitable venture and it allows them to get in on nbt for the right price while making money contributing to the network. They feel good about the experience, and their new nbt ownership.

Next, we try to convince them to take their nbt off the fiat pair by offering use cases, such as parking or NBT/NSR burn gateways. Using NBT/BTC as a use case is very interesting here, and it’s something we’ve been semi-unconciously doing for the past month. We convince them to try the higher reward pools where they have a chance of buying btc when it spikes up. This contributes to the stability of btc (yes, btc) which gives us more recognition in the crypto world. Ideally, we would offer low reward/high spread bots on many crypto pairs, fundamentally focusing on the NSR/NBT pair as a special case (or not, the NSR/NBT pools could even be in competition with the burn gateways to drive prices in favor of Nu).

From the random trader’s perspective (assuming they know nothing about nbt other than the order books), they see BTC shoot up and want to take profits, so they sell their BTC to custodians for NBT. They now want to turn that NBT into ‘something they can use’ which would be satisfied by the fiat pairs. They sell their NBT for something like USD, and go do what they will with their USD. They now are happy with Nu for the service it provided, and perhaps the next time they will hold their NBT a little longer and research how to make money by parking it or putting it up in a pool.

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In line with this thinking, I intend on making a new liquidity bot that provides single side support for both pools on bter such that you supply it cny and after some time you end up with btc (which you can of course sell for cny manually to complete the loop hedging loop).

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