We need a bks/nbt pair on poloniex

Send them emails and stuff. We need this pair for so many reasons.


I was thinking the exact same thing today!

From https://poloniex.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/1000229325-how-can-i-get-a-coin-listed-on-poloniex-

I’d say the requirements are met!
Let’s send them requests!

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I tried sending them a message a while ago, but it’s probably time for another one. Also, what about BKS/BTC?

Here’s my email:


I would like to request a BKS/NBT pair on poloniex. CCEDK has shown that such a pair is successful at drawing trade volume, more so than even a BKS/BTC pair. BKS is an up and coming coin, forked from the Nu protocol, and will draw trade volume and users to poloniex if offered on the exchange.

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edit: filed
"Please only submit this form once per user per coin."
…others are free to fill the form :wink:

How much more volume has the NuBits pair had than the Bitcoin one? I haven’t used CCEDK. I’ve been buying more BlockShares from other community members, but Poloniex would definitely help me find other sellers more easily.

Basically all of it is on bks/nbt. Bks/btc is essentially unused.

Very likely that they don’t intend to add us for specific reasons other than lacking volume thus far… Or am I totally wrong? Why should they draw attention to a promising project with sound fundamentals that might take away volume from them one day?

In fact we’d do better if we forced Poloniex in order to drop Tether and replace it by US-bits! :wink:

Honestly, I don’t understand why they have a whole section dedicated to Tether. They should drop that and replace it with a section dedicated to all stablecoins, Tether, BitUSD and NuBits.

Tether still has high volume on their BTC pair on Poloniex. Recently also on their ETH pair. Still figuring out how they sustain Tether/BTC with such volumes while NBT only has relatively low volumes. Are they loosing money or are they just doing smarter than we are? Once we have that clear, we can make a case.

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They have kyc/aml. It changes everything. And for all we know they pay their market makers more than Nu does.

So they are investing in volumes, interesting. They won’t make money out of that, the question is how much do they invest? Until they got rid of their competition? Probably, who said Tether is not a competitor?

Tether is a business. We can’t know what they do behind closed doors, and they are clearly talking to the government and are happy to regulate and so on. Because of that, they play a whole different game. I wouldn’t say they arent competitors, but i’m not sure we can do what they do or vice versa.


tether is not a DAO.
Perhaps they trust it more because it is centralized?

ask bitsquare to add bks?